Victorian Gutta Percha / Thermoplastic Tintype case

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I Have an Anet A6 and am new to this. I also do civil war period living history and am looking for a 3d printed repro of a "union case" for tintypes. Originals are made of gutta percha or "thermoplastic". Examples can be found on ebay, etc. Does anyone have anything similar...or any ideas? Thanx!

Where do you living history at? Two of us at the fabshop are real tintype photographers who work the Civil War Reenactment (and other living history) circuit in the Mid Atlantic region.

With that said, 3D Printing Union or Daguerreotype cases has not worked out very well for us. It CAN be done, but requires a thin nozzle, lots of post processing to remove the tell-tale lines and really, that molds are made. We've even tried 3D Printing the detail on the face of the cases and then gluing them to mold made or wood shop made case halves. It kinda works but it a lot of work for the few people who want them and the little they want to pay.. Especially after already paying for a real tintype photograph.

We currently make inspired cases made from a laser cutter for events. We call them inspired because we're not passing them off as real but they're something people can still keep their photographs in. These mirror the period correct wooden boxes with tape hinge and clasp and then cover it in a faux leatherette. Because the inside of these cases aren't easily reproducible (the stamped metal mat and preserver) we use engraved leather. A professional producer of cases 'Modern Day Antique' makes these mats and preservers out of resin with metal flake. If you just need one or two cases for your impression, I'd highly recommend checking them out!

A fine CNC machine is really ideal with machinable wax. Make a mold, because that fine and shallow of detail takes a lot of machining time.

Have you tired post processing the prints with bondo, or some other filler, and then sealing with an acrylic clear paint before making the mold?

Great to hear from you! I'm Scott Robinson with the 2nd Maryland Inf., Co A., CSA. you can check out our website: I used to do real tintypes back in the day. Now, I'm working on a documentary of the 2nd MD. I was looking for a case for my personal use in my impression. Feel free to drop me a line and we can talk more about the hobby, etc.

I'll e-mail you Scott, I bet we've met. We run a lot of the same events! CCFM, Cedar Creek, Union Mills, etc..