iPhone 3D Film mount

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Hi all,
I recently found an app that will allow me to film in 3D with two iPhones, but I need a mount that separates the lenses by 60mm to film.
I'm no good at 3D modeling and wondering if anyone can help me out.

This is the app:

I've attached some designs someone posted of a rig they have made, but it looks super complicated.
I'd love the ability to just click in or slide in the iPhones, maybe with some handles, microphone/lighting mount attachments

If anyone can help that would be AWESOME!
After something similar for two GoPros

Take a look at the Amazon product "Livestream Gear® - Dual Device Tripod Attachment Setup for Live Streaming, Video Recording, Etc. (2 Device Holder)" it should get you most of the way and with a more trustworthy rig for just $17.

IF the distance between the two lenses once the phones are mounted aren't what you need, I'd modify the center bar of the product.

Sure, it's more fun to make something, but I've got the one camera version of that grip for live streaming and the spring loaded phone holder is just the way to go.