Remove parts by Medelis

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there have been a lot of figurines added by User Medelis recently that do not belong here.

Comments deleted.

Agreed....I've sent numerous complaints by way of the flag button. Some have been covered with the warning while others have been ignored. I'm all about artful designs, freedom of speech, etc,.... I try to involve my son into this hobby but I have to be very careful when browsing "things" Whoever monitors this forum needs to do a little better job of keeping it family friendly. ....And if no one is doing that then I willingly volunteer....

I sent him a message over a week ago but still no response. I would remove them myself but I don't have permissions to do so.

It's not just in this group. He post this stuff in everyone he's a member of. And let me say I'm not against him posting them....It's his right to do so. I just think the administration needs to do a better job of marking them as adult oriented. He's a pretty talented modeler.....

I completely agree, i think his post do help the community, but some of the posts need to be filtered. Furthermore, he needs to take accountability in keeping the verse organized and helpful.

he posts his email as [email protected]
perhaps he will notice emails there.

Agreed. Many of which can be considered NSFW.