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Delta 3KU silicone sock

by nuroo

The designer did a custom make for our printer, because I asked nicely. Be sure the thank him if you make 1.

I did one:

Came out nicely.

Silicone Sock for E3D v5 - 3KU Delta Printers
Silicone Sock for E3D v5 - 3KU Delta Printers
by nuroo
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K-3000 Print quality.

by Forthereg

Hello folks.
I was looking to get a 3KU K-3000 printer which fits perfectly in the small space I have, But I have searched all over internet to find its sample prints with no results.
Is it at least as good as the 3KU-002 ? If any of you K3000 owners would care to share your experience i would be very thankful.
Also is it easy to add a heated pad under the bed ? IS it hallow down there ? can i maybe do it with a few spacers or its going to be pain in the neck ?

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