Filament Types: Sharing what we know

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I'm starting this Topic so that we all can discuss the different types of filaments we have used. Some of us have only ever used PLA and ABS, but would like to devel into the workings of Lawood, Laybrick and even Polycarbanate. Lets discuss where we got our filaments, prices, strengths and weaknesses of the filament, and which was the best in our own opinions for what we needed to use it for. As well as help each other figure what works best for each others 3D Printers.

Micro Center Inland PLA $15 for a Kg spool during this sale. Very good layer adhesion and not as brittle as my spool of blue Matter Hacker PLA. Have to print it a little hotter but the result is a very tough part. Only downside it like all good deals it is hard to catch the black PLA in stock.

Matter hackers has done me well for pla. $32 per Kg