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Heights Scale and other things

by onintothevalleyofdeathroadthe600

I'm trying to make a army using out of print rogue trader models like https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3221789 or saturnine armor. I don't have any modern models to compare with so I was wondering if anyone had heights/dimensions for modern 40k figures and Vehicles. I'm specifically making a space marine/imperium army but you're free to add any models you have dimensions for.

Robot Chuck
Dreadnought tabletop
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Knight Castellan Deathwatch upgrades

by Zombai92

Hey guys.
I'm looking for Deathwatch upgrades pieces to suit a knight castellan.
I've seen a kit available to purchase, but it's just too expensive in my opinion ($60-70 AUD)

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Orkk Team!!!!! DAKKADAkADAKKA!!!!!!!

by CarterB2008

Hello Warhammer dudes!!!
I am looking for some Ork Boyz to complete my army but since Vidovic arts removed his Ork infantry I can not find any good Orks!!!!!
So if youguys have seen any please let me Know.

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Disgustingly Resilient Prince Wings

by Ygenmaw

Hello all,

I am looking for bits to add wings to my GW Daemon Prince of Nurgle Model. I'd like something akin to the wings on the Plague Drones if anyone has similar files to those I'd really appreciate them.

Thanks and enjoy the weekend,


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canoness veridyan model

by grahamdiggins

I am looking for a canoness veridyan model. the one that looks like the cover of the old sororitas codex.

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