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Miniature Storgare

by RupiX

Oh, wise and talented people of the internet! Found this excellent miniature storage/transport thing, but I need it for 32mm and 60mm but I lack the knowledge and knowhow to manipulate the stl file.


Anyone that feel up for the task?

Minature holder/transport
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Drop Troops

by SPSchnepp2

Has anyone seen some good proxies for the old Elysian drop troops around? I've kind of got a hankering for making a unit of space paratroopers.
If not, I'll have to see if I can't hack up some jump packs to put on some of the space troopers I've seen around here.

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Tzeentch Wings for Daemon Prince conversion

by dc1toolman

I have been looking and unable to find a set of feathered wings for a Daemon Prince conversion to a Tzeentch Prince. Does anyone know of a file or any good at making a set that would fit into the back holes on the original model?

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Ghosts and arms...

by Fearghul

I'm looking to add some variety to my guard army, I really like the idea of adding the Tanith First and Only to my line up, but GW have discontinued the Ghost models. Does anyone have any links to good alternatives/proxies for them?

Also, I'm looking to get a bit more variety into my Vets, who are all catachans. I'd love if someone could hook me up with some ccw/pistol or shotgun arms that would fit style wise with them.

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Tempestus Scions?

by fantasmoslam

Anyone know a good model to stand in place for these guys? Looking to play around with an IG Kill Team list and need some of these before I drop cash on a box.


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