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Proper scale for SebTheis Magaera armor

by Tesla19

Hi there, I have a real GW knight and I wanted to make some of the forgeworld mechanicum style armour for the top and shoulders and I found in the Dominion Crusader MK2 some of exactly what I needed. However I read there was an issue with scaling these to the GW one and I was wondering if anyone had the correct scale on hand or altered parts?

Huge thank you to Seb, he is basically the reason I have stuck with 3D printing as a hobby

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Need Necromunda Files

by Teun135

Hello all,

If this is not allowed here please delete.

I made a Necromunda group, as there wasn't one yet and I am finding thingiverse a great resource for Necromunda terrain. I am inviting all creators of Necromunda-related content to join the group and post their files!


Thanks for being awesome!


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Sisters of Battle / Adepta Sororitas Helmets

by CaptainFothers

Hi, does anyone know if there is a 3D model out there of the sisters of battle helmet? If not, is there anyone that would design one?

Adepta_Sororitas Sisters_of_Battle
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Alternative to Loctite Super Glue (with long shelf life)

by SavageRodent

Hay guys
I'm tires of throwing out almost unused bottles of super glue because i only use the stuff infrequently. At best it only seems to last a couple of months on the shelf.
I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good alternative to Loctite Super Glue? i.e. something fast acting and sticks to most things but will last once open for a decent amount of time?

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Wall of Martyrs

by Tabletopengineer

Anyone have any of 40k Wall of Martyrs T-piece or corner pieces to print? Have brought the straights but need more corners for my board.
Thanks in advance.

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