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Mek's Toys

by Teun135

Hey guys,

Just curious if anybody has a good collection of some more Orky goodness with the new Codex being out. Mek Guns? Mega Nobz? Forcefield emitters for kitbashing Big Meks?

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Ork legs?

by turk187

I really need a generic pair of Ork legs. I have a butt-ton of torsos, heads, arms, weapons and so on, but a pair of printable legs would qualify as kit-bashed (I think) and allow me, and others to make more orks (an ork with authentic GW torso, head, arms and kit bashed legs would meet the 50% GW rule, I think)

I would also like an ork torso with no shirt to add some extra variety to my army.

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Hades Breaching Drill

by Baron_von_Beef

Hi Thingiversers,

Does anyone have a model for a Hades breaching drill (28mm scale)? cant find one on here under various related searches. Will have to make one if not !

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Left Handed Heavy Bolt Pistols

by Cryptix123

Does anyone have a model for these? I'm converting some Reivers to Destroyers for my True Scale HH army and I want to replace their knifes with matching bolt pistols without shelling out 12 bucks a squad.

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Shas'O Kais

by Tdub415

Would any of our talented designers be willing to take a stab at modeling Shas'O Kais from Dawn of War: Dark Crusade?

I would love to have him to use as a counts as commander.

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