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Resting sword arm pose

by AlphonseCoco

Recently found out I have the old ultramarines champion metal figure. However it is missing the off hand arm, and I was hoping Someone might know of a suitable 3-D file to replace it

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Retro Marines

by Raynero

Anyone got STL's of retro space marines? Ideally the 2nd ed ones (pic for clarification)

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landon73 battle nuns

by OGniels

Hello warhammer group.
I am looking for the battle nuns from landon73:
He has a lot of cool models but i keep getting 404 errors which i dont know why. Does anyone have these files and are willing to share them with me?
Kind regards,

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Looking for Skorpius Dunerider & Skorpius Disintegrator

by Chessed

Looking for Skorpius Dunerider & Skorpius Disintegrator can someone save my life :P

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40k Makers Discord

by Gr4zhopeR

I propose using discord as a means to communicate with each other in a more personal way. Would anyone be interested in doing this? I created a server named 40k Makers and invite anyone interested to join. The server is a bit barren at the moment but if you guys like the idea I'll spiff it up a bit with rooms and admins.

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