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Chaos Havoc with Chain Cannon?

by Stickfigure91x

Hey guys, am I crazy or at one point was there a Chaos Havok Marine with a Chain Cannon up in this group. I was waiting to buy my photon to print it and now I cant find it!

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Domitar Battle Automata

by Ceifer


is an file out there for a Domitar Battle Automata (FW)? Would be awesome ;)


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Flying Models for Tyranids

by Steakonthewater

I have been printing my Tyranid horde for some time and noticed we do not have any of the flyers for the Tyranids. Is there anyone on here that has them or willing to make them? I am more after the gargoyles and Harridan. Let me know! Thank you.

Help request Tyranids
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by Ravendark

Hello Guys

Is there a way to find any wulfen file ???

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SM Arms & Chainswords?

by MakerTinkerSoldierSpy

Hello folks,

I have a box of old (1993?) Death Company. Beautiful. Dying (literally) to be assembled and painted.
I want to arm them with Bolters and Chainswords. I only have a few chainswords in the box, but plenty of bolters.

These DC's have separate arms and weapons, so I need a source of arms and chainswords.

Any pointers?

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