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how to adda model to things on the group ?

by Skavincky

hello i wanna share my model on this groups how do I do ?

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skitarii heads

by OGniels

does anyone have files for skitarii heads or just adeptus meganicus in general?

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Looking for Kustom Stompa Bitz

by TheFronk

Anyone know of any good STL's to kitbash a stompa into a kustom stompa with something to represent the Belly Gun, Gaze of Mork, Lifta Droppa weapons etc.?

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by kadric17

hi guys, im looking for a leman russ Hull extension and a S.P.R.U.E like files

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Necron king

by Nik-to

Does anyone have a model of the silent king. As far as I know, he was on this site before. If there is one, please send it.
(I know English quite poorly, a translator was used to write the question)

Necron warhammer_40k
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