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Greater Good Models?

by Razial7

Anyone know of any greater good models from Wargame Exclusive? Mostly the commander type models? I found one under fw tau which looks great but would love more of that type?

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Painting pla

by mhooghiemstra

Sorry guys. Not totally Warhammer post. But you guys do make painting look easy.

I am trying to paint a pla model. Used primer first sanded the model and wanted to paint with acrylic paint. The kind artist use for paintings.
When I apply it with a brush I just smear it from one side to the other.
Do you have any tips.
Thanks in advance

Kind regards

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Chaos Cultists ?

by MakerTinkerSoldierSpy

Does anyone have or recommend good models to model as Chaos Cultists? My son (7 years old) is progressively getting into 40K. I'm hesitant to spend a fortune, because he tends to get into a hobby, get bored and move on. So far, we've bought used Chaos SM's on ebay, but he's seen Cultists and said he'd like a few.

I'd like to print a few as a proxy for now, then go deeper.

Any recommendations?

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Grey Knight Terminator Shoulder Pads, or just a Generic Shoulder

by Sanguinor

Anyone know of a decent terminator should pad for some Grey Knights? I'm looking and can't seem to find any. Thanks in advance!

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by jim-said-slim

as topic. where are they all?

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