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Leagues of Votann!!!!

by PhilX3412

hey, i'm super stoked about the new faction, Leagues of Votann! can anyone help me find some files for them? or if new ones are released, please let me know?

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80s style Rouge trader Land speeder crew

by Royce2020

I have most of an 80s Rouge Trader Land Speeder, cast from pewter. The parts I'm missing are the crew, back mounted weapon and the flying stand. Now they do turn up from time to time on eBay for a few dollars, but shipping them to NZ is astronomical. So, I'm exploring the option of getting them 3D printed, I have a printing service that I've worked with before, but I'd need stl files to actually print.

So if someone wants to raise a hand and give me a commission quote, I'm listening. The end product would need to fit correctly into an existing pewter cast model (I can provide dimensions an photos), and would need to be thematically correct for a Rouge Trader collection (ie, wearing corvid mk6 armour with the old fashioned single piece cuirass - not the newer re-imaging of the corvid design with the two piece cuirass from the Horus heresy game), but beyond that I'd be open to suggestions - the originals are quite bland (even for RT models) so getting something more dynamic would be worth it.
This seems simple enough, and I might have considered doing my self if I had any idea what I was doing.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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by PhilX3412

hey guys, i'm just starting to collect a thousand sons army, and i've found the files for most of the codex, but there are a few things i cannot find. can anyone help me??? the things I'm missing are an Infernal Master, normal Tzaangor (not enlightened or shaman) and a couple other things that i can't remember. anything you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated!

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Heights Scale and other things

by onintothevalleyofdeathroadthe600

I'm trying to make a army using out of print rogue trader models like https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3221789 or saturnine armor. I don't have any modern models to compare with so I was wondering if anyone had heights/dimensions for modern 40k figures and Vehicles. I'm specifically making a space marine/imperium army but you're free to add any models you have dimensions for.

Robot Chuck
Dreadnought tabletop
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