Proper scale for SebTheis Magaera armor

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Hi there, I have a real GW knight and I wanted to make some of the forgeworld mechanicum style armour for the top and shoulders and I found in the Dominion Crusader MK2 some of exactly what I needed. However I read there was an issue with scaling these to the GW one and I was wondering if anyone had the correct scale on hand or altered parts?

Huge thank you to Seb, he is basically the reason I have stuck with 3D printing as a hobby

I have the shoulderpads properly prepared. The carapace needs more rework. Give me a few days and I'll work this out

Hey Seb hope you had a good Christmas, any progress on the armor parts? Im so keen to get them onto 3 knights!

i can rescale it, but i don't own a GW knight, so you will have to figure out yourself the necessary trimming inside the carapace.

Im happy with that, nothing a dremel or knife wont fix

Dominion Crusader MK3 Tartar Armour (28mm)

Oh my god yes!! Thank you!

Not all heroes wear capes.

Hi, I compared the measurements of the armor parts under the "Scale"-option in Cura and changed the Magaera ones so they are roughly the same (tenth or so of a millimeter). This is what I came up with for the top armor:

in x-direction 129%
in y-direction 112%
in z-direction 112%

The rest of the MK2 mechanicum armor should probably fit, but I haven't assembled the whole model yet.
Hope that helps.