Alternative to Loctite Super Glue (with long shelf life)

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Hay guys
I'm tires of throwing out almost unused bottles of super glue because i only use the stuff infrequently. At best it only seems to last a couple of months on the shelf.
I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good alternative to Loctite Super Glue? i.e. something fast acting and sticks to most things but will last once open for a decent amount of time?

I use Zap-a-gap Medium CA. It's a great superglue, it's got a double cap-lid, keep the nozzle clean and keep it upright it lasts a long time, my current bottle I bought last September and it's still fine.

CVS near me had 6 decent sized tubes for like 4 bucks. Even cheaper than the dollar store (another good option). If you aren't using super glue a ton, that is a good option.

i use Zap superglue they have different thickness and last longer than Loctite and other glues do in my opinion.
I get my from the model shops.
It cost about as much as loctite in my region but you get 11 times as much glue.

Don't know if you have access to a dollar store. But ours sells 6 packs of really small tubes for $1. I open a tube, and use nearly all of it on a project. Pitch the rest. Then I still have 5 tubes unopened. Might give that a try. They are really small tubes. Can't beat the price.

yep, same for me. superglue gets stuck within a few weeks of usage. i only use the superglue from dollar stores. in the end its all just cyanoacrylate. i keep mine i the freezer in a cloes box with all glues and green-stuff etc.

I use superglue a lot and once I open a bottle, it lasts...until last drop. Once opened the ideal storage is the freezer as the activator is humidity, and the place with less humidity at home is the freezer.

I use a zip bag with a little silica bag, and put the glue in there.

The alternative, two component epoxy. A hassle for tiny pieces...

I just use any cheapo superglue but I got Army Painter Magic Superglue activator the other day and it's changed my life - makes stuff stick instantly. Sticks to high heaven though

But will it last for a long time once open? that was the the issue with the Loctite Super Glue

No idea to be honest - only bought it last week