Knight Porphyrion

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So we have all manner of awesome knights people have made and remixed on here. We even have some great looking titans, one of which I'm currently in the process of printing.

I don't suppose anyone has tried tackling the Acastus Knight Porphyrion?
That thing that sorta blurs the line between knight and titan.

does anyone have the files he's talking about?

Hey did you ever get a file for the knight?

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Is it possible to still ask for a pm for the stl file of the knight porphyrion? I've been searching online for a few years and waiting to see if anyone posts it when I found this thread.

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Is it still possible to get the stl file?

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any chance i could sitll get a Porphyrion stl? thx!

If by any chance you get the file let me know! I'd love to see that file :D

Thanks in advance!

be sure to DM me with a link if ever this get completed.

I have one for 30k and it's a beast. it cost 560 points and it killed 2600 points of models. It stomped at Primarch.

By any chance do you still have the files? Could you PM me?

Know I'm late to the party but I'd love a PM too. Thanks!

Pm here to ease that look amazing

Hate to be a bother for being so late in this thread, but I'd love to be on the list to be PMed as well, thanks!

hello, can you PM me for the STL? I would appreciate it!! Thanks in advance!!

PM with what content? Files or a place to buy them? No matter what, I also need that knight ;-)

Hello I was wondering if I could get a PM if possible thanks in advance!

The topic is quite old, but is it still relevant? Could I get a PM?

I'd like a PM too if at all possible... this looks amazing!

Anyway I could get a PM? I would absolutely LOVE to print this!

Can I have a pm please?

Any Updates? Patreon?

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I've dropped you a PM.

Hey, can you hook me up?

Hello. Could you please pm me too? Thanks!!!

Can u Pm me a link pls ?

Can u pls PM a link to me also ?

Any chance I could get that STL as well? Thanks!

Sorry for the late spam but can i also get a PM please? Cheers!

If I'm not to late to the party I'd like an PM as well.

Could you please pm me too?

Could you drop me a PM with the file if you have the time? Thank you!

could i get a pm please, im in love with the porphyrion~

Aagh! Am I too late for this party? Dying for a Porphyrion!
deathshallragethy? Help? You're our only hope.

Any way I could get a PM, please?

plz PM me, as well.

Plz also a pm or me, being looking for a good 1 for years

Plz also a pm or me, being looking for a good 1 for years

Plz also a pm or me

Plz also a pm or me

Plz also a pm or me

Plz also a pm or me, being looking for a good 1 for years

Plz also a pm or me, being looking for a good 1 for years.

Plz also a pm or me, being looking for a good 1 for years

Can I get a pm, please, and thank you in advance

can i get a pm please, I love titans~

Any chance you could drop me a PM?

could i get a Pm for it please?

could i get the link via pm too?

Oh My.

Can I also get that PM?

Me too please.

Hello, could I grab it too? :D

looking for a follow up to this if possible if someone could pm me

PM for Porphyrion, please? /\

Hey man, would it be possible to have also a PM here?


Man, this thread snowballed quickly. Can anybody that has a link shoot me a PM ?

could I please also get an PM? I'm searching for a Porphyrion for YEARS now^^

And me please?

I'm a titanholic!

This was the model that got me into printing in the first place. there used to be one on thingiverse and theres one disguised on cults 3d for 45$.
Would be very gratefull for the link if anyone could pm me

That looks awesome. what are you modelling that in?

Looks amazing, any idea when it'll be available for printing?

Be patient. It will be ready when it's ready and as always with Strog's models; well worth the wait.

All praise Strog! Dying to print this model. Keepin' my hands busy with this:

Waitin' to print it via my photon S in true scale with maximum detail! Ready to begin even if it's not fully modeled.

Any more progress on this great looking mode?

Awesome stuff, man, keep it up!

Looks amazing already. Can't wait to devote some serious time to this bad boy.

~ Joe

Must admit, this is fookin amazing.

really nice, can wait to print 1 of those. i hope it not epic scale

i cannot Wait for this...

My printer is currently hiding