Leagues of Votann!!!!

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hey, i'm super stoked about the new faction, Leagues of Votann! can anyone help me find some files for them? or if new ones are released, please let me know?

GW just spent hundreds of thousands on creating a new line of models, and you want them for free?

honestly, yes! but if not for free, most definitely not for the exaggerated prices that their models are priced as! do you think i want to spend hundreds of thousands on an army? why do models on thingiverse and cults, and etc. exist in the first place?

am i wrong? please, anyone correct me if i'm wrong!

Their prices are excessive for sure, but pirating their stuff isn't going to help that. If anything it will make it worse.

GW are pretty hot on clone models. You'll be lucky to find anything. If you do, grab it ASAP, because it won't be around for long.

i'm not pirating their stuff, and i'm not intending on selling anything! and i realize that they don't like clones of models, and that they take stuff down, but again, what then is the reason that there are warhammer models on thingiverse and on several other sites in the first place? so that people can use them as alternatives and share something that they have spent time on making! people don't just strip the model off of GW (usually) and post them on here! they literally spend HOURS working on a model that people can print and enjoy painting, building, and playing with! does that make sense, and am i wrong?