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Face mask ear comfort band--three sizes

by Sundog2009

This is a quick print face mask comfort band--three sizes for good fit--OTOS short for "See You On The Other Side Of This".


Heart ear comfort bands--four sizes.


Face Mask Comfort Band
FaceMask Ear Comfort Band
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Indirect breathable face covering

by cryptoid911

This is not a filter system, but protects from direct contact of coughs, sneezes, etc. Very comfortable for all day use.


Indirect Breathable COVID-19 mask
Coronavirus_Face_Mask cover Covid covid-19 covidmask Facemask mask
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The DuoMask - Modularized mask with exhaustion and 3M mount

by HandyReady


A 3D printed face mask that incorporates 2 systems - one that provides an alternative to the 3M 6200/7500 respirators, and one that can switch into a simple mask. Modular mask made for comfort and easy updates.

Please check the video for print settings

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The DuoMask - Modularized mask with exhaustion and 3M mount
covid-19 COVID19 covid19facemask covidmask FaceCoveringChallenge Facemask mask
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Ideas to help a friend go back to retail work

by calvinstreeting

hi all makers :)

I have a question about face masks from a friend who works in catering retail.

he says the hardest part of having a face mask on is being herd by customers, and if we think about it he has a standard face mask, then a visor, and a plastic screen in front of him so to be heard by the customer, he has to shout, and all that plastic just bounces back the sound (and gives them a headache), and like wise he has to hear through all that when the customer speaks (also headache inducing).

I dare say this is not helpful for hard of hearing people, who also have to lip read to fully understand what is being said.

i wonder what ideas people have (my first thought was Bluetooth headset and speaker/mic on other side of plastic, or a text to speech system.

Its definitely something to think about.

Many thanks

covid-19 covidmask
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Face mask for deeply impaired children

by Pat198

It isn't easy to work with deeply impaired children. Some of them rely on the facial emotions. When we use a mask all the emotions are hidden.
I am searching for an open mask. A mask with some kind of little plastic window to allow facial expressions. I found a really good try: (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4311590), but i think it can be designed better. More open, easier to print and maybe with a less aggressive look.
Any ideas ?
I added some pictures of textile masks.

BolivAIR Mask Remix for the Deaf
by Cowlick
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