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Printing People with 3rd party resins on the Form 2

by drato

Hey everyone,

I used a 3rd party resin (Liqcreate Stone Coal Black) to print miniature people on my Formlabs Form 2. I thought this might also be interesting for printing action figures as the material looks pretty cool. The video covers the following topics:

-Exchanging Build Platform
-Exchanging Resin Tank
-Filter/Clean Resin
-Prepare Printer for using 3rd Party Resin
-Prepare a Model in Preform for printing & Uploading to the Printer
-Postprocessing Prints: Clean/Rinse with Ultrasonic Cleaner, UV Cure, Cutting Supports

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Introducing Zanzas Toys : 1/18 scale playsets and accessories!

by zanzastoys

Hi everyone

I'm Adrian from Zanzas Toys, where we make quality playsets and accessories for 1/18 scale figures. We've started uploading content here on Thingiverse and have a number of free models available. Check our stuff out here: https://www.thingiverse.com/zanzastoys/designs

If you enjoy them, please consider posting photos either as makes or on our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/zanzastoys/


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Dioramas for 6" Figures

by TheMortis

Hey everyone. I'm a big action figure collector, even started a YouTube channel on my toy hunts. I also started posing and taking pictures of my figures. What I would love is to have some background dioramas to place them in front of or different props. I've look around on Thingiverse and they have a few things available, mostly for smaller role playing figures. Thought I would throw the idea out to the group. Have you seen any cool dioramas on here or somewhere else? TIA

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