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Auto leveling with a BLTouch Sensor?

by jrahaim

Has anyone gotten auto leveling with a BLTouch sensor working?

Printer arrives today, it will be my second 3d printer. (First: TronXY p802e)

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How do you think about ADIMLab 3d Printer

by ADIMLab

ADIMLab-gantry is a i3 plus 3d printer:
it's pre-assembly, 20 minutes to assemble;
310X310X410 printing size;
Proximity extrusion, could print flexible filaments;
24V 15A power, there is less in the market, easy to heat the nozzle and bed up;
there is one glass on the bed;
Z-axis with dual motors,Y-axis with dual track,more powerful, more accurate;
you can see we use good parts;
and we use the better wire to make sure the printing process is safe enough

3d_printer adimlab 3d Anycubic_I3_Mega CR-10 prusa_i3
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