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afinia h400 motor stepping

by jfkdhfhd

hey guys, I have an Afinia h400, and the motor seems to be stepping, and the filament stops extruding properly. I have cleaned out the motor and tried a bunch of different things, and the only thing that seems to work is when I guide the filament by hand and relieve tension, but I can't do that for every print. Got any ideas?

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Afinia Build surface

by ccooksey

Hi! I haven't been using my Afinia H480 for very long, but starting to branch out, try new techniques, etc. I've only really used the perfboards that come with it for a build surface. I've read about different things, Borosilicate glass, using Kapton Tape on the platform without the perf board, using the Blue Elmers stick glue, etc.

I recently started having some lift up on the edges of prints before they would finish, and obviously some ended in disaster. I cleaned the perfboards with acetone, cleaned the nozzle, recalibrated everything and made the bed level and set the nozzle height and everything seems to be doing fine again. I do preheat the build surface to 105, I don't always wait until 10 minutes after it's made it to 105 however (read that was a good practice somewhere).

So, what good build surface tips are there for the Afinia 3D Printers? What's the easiest to deal with, which don't warp your prints, etc. etc.


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What is this for?

by Ohio3wheels

I've had my H479 for just about a year and the other day I decided to take the "head" apart and clean it and also just to see what's what. There is, for lack of a better word, a damper that in one position defects the fan blast on to the build plate and in the other on to the heat sink. There is no mention I can find in the instructions as to what this is used for. Any ideas?

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