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Toon airplane models

by Bandido

Thought you guys and gals would like these toon-themed airplane models I've been doing.
The collection is mostly the result of a Blender modelling exercise, more models to come soon.


airplane cartoon cute plane
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by VEXrobots

I was wondering if anyone could make me a sign that says "The Fleet" because I am starting a Daron Air fleet thank you

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Light plate

by VEXrobots

Could someone make a light switch plate out of the throttle pilots adjust speed with

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Be nice if we had a Mig-31 Firefox!

by chorobe

Anyone ever try to make a 3D printable model of the Mig-31 Firefox from the 80s movie starring Clint Eastwood? I found a 3D model for use on Flight Simulator, but am having trouble converting it into a clean stl for print...especially since I'm not good with 3D programs at this point.

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Creating the 3d descriptive model

by Grunhornet

The goal is to create display models of full size aircraft without resorting to laser scanning the aircraft itself. Exploring problems like thin edges and other fine detail. Techniques could be applied to vehicles also.

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