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Read this before posting

by WirierEcho

Keep in mind this is a group for people interested in discussing 3D printing in Airsoft, sharing files and talking about ideas for 3D printed stuff for airsoft.
With that said, "Talking about ideas", is not requesting something designed, without taking part of the process yourself.
I see a lot of topics about "Can someone make this?" or stuff like that. If you have and idea, have made an effort drawing it yourself in 3D or even 2D, but are stuck or not happy about your drawing, THEN someone on this group might be able to help you out.
But please stop the "I want this! Can you make it for me?". It doesn't take a lot of reading on this group to see, that none are answering these request.

thank you

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M4 Midcap Magazin

by Zynos

Has anybody already made a M4 Midcap Mag?
If no i will make one but if yes i would appreciate it if you can send me the link!

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More midcaps, dudes with AUG and G3 wanted.

by Igniz

Midcaps for AUG and G3 is hard to come by. So to make these I need someone with a hicap or midcap willing to give me dimentions and do testprint.
Discord is a better form of communication than this thread, so welcome https://discord.gg/DPYEGvH .

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well L96 suppressor

by kaighn80

hi, has anyone seen a file for a working suppressor for a well L96 sniper?

thanks in advance.

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For Sale : AIRSOFT HK416 | <0.5 JOULE (AB 14) | 3 MAGAZINE

by 3D_Maker_Cave

Hey All,
I am currently selling an Airsoft HK416 for 80€.
If you are interested just contact me privately for more details and price negotiation :)

Shipping only in Germany.

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