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Read this before posting

by WirierEcho

Keep in mind this is a group for people interested in discussing 3D printing in Airsoft, sharing files and talking about ideas for 3D printed stuff for airsoft.
With that said, "Talking about ideas", is not requesting something designed, without taking part of the process yourself.
I see a lot of topics about "Can someone make this?" or stuff like that. If you have and idea, have made an effort drawing it yourself in 3D or even 2D, but are stuck or not happy about your drawing, THEN someone on this group might be able to help you out.
But please stop the "I want this! Can you make it for me?". It doesn't take a lot of reading on this group to see, that none are answering these request.

thank you

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glock mag lips

by pedro2511

hi. my glock broken the mag lips, anyone have a stl?

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m132 microgun airsoft big request

by quentincena12

Hello all , some body can do this beatiful thing from the microgun xm556 to fit in m132 micro gun classic army? why not something in 2 part to fit on or just clip or like a big muzzle i don't know ..? thanks!

airsoft minigun
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WE G17 Dimensions

by lavos3rd

Do any of you guys have the dimensions of the WE G17 pistol? I'm thinking of designing/printing my very own conversion kit.

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MAAR18 does anyone need this?

by Igniz

Ok. So about a year ago i made this sorta SCAR looking thing. I made it functional enougth. You only need to drop in motor, v2 gearbox and hopup unit. Yet it is unfinished. Largely stock. I can always figure out handguard. But retractable stock i could not beat up until now.
So question is, does anybody interested printing it out, not just have STLs and sit on them.
I've got better projects for know so i might as well share this. Plus it was based on free desighn of shotgun on grabcad.

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