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Read this before posting

by WirierEcho

Keep in mind this is a group for people interested in discussing 3D printing in Airsoft, sharing files and talking about ideas for 3D printed stuff for airsoft.
With that said, "Talking about ideas", is not requesting something designed, without taking part of the process yourself.
I see a lot of topics about "Can someone make this?" or stuff like that. If you have and idea, have made an effort drawing it yourself in 3D or even 2D, but are stuck or not happy about your drawing, THEN someone on this group might be able to help you out.
But please stop the "I want this! Can you make it for me?". It doesn't take a lot of reading on this group to see, that none are answering these request.

thank you

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by MacintoshE9vt

I am brand new to this group and enjoy airsoft, does anyone have any cool airsoft prints or masks that they recommend?

thanks in advance

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Pmag magazine extention

by Slyviper

Hi guys, I've been playing around with extentions for pmags, and I just can't seem to get the design right. Very new to freecad...

If anyone knows of any files out there that are open to being edited, or if someone has one already that I could play with.

Thanks in advance

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Compressed Air gun

by JarlVeni

So this may seem stupid, but I have an idea. Why don't the big airsoft companies do something like a co2 airsoft gun but instead of co2, it uses compressed air in a canister similar but refillable instead. Is there something wrong with this idea? That would save a good deal of money from not buying co2. And you could just refill it with an air compressor. Any thoughts peeps?

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airsoft m4 hop up hutu hop up tracer unit

by HomieStarks

for 5mm ultrabright UV or Blue led's......untested as of now but should work. Im printing it now but as I am new to airsoft and building my first AEG, I'm still figuring it out as it goes....I do know that the file that the hopup originates from fits my barrel and seems to behave as it should allowing a BB to load and roll out the barrel with a lil air pressure. So in theory this should work but I may be updating as I build.....This one has a space for six 5mm LEDs but has a lip of 3mm .....now that i type it i am working on a metal bb gun and an airsoft gun and i forgot the bbs were 6mm and when i added the lip i was thinking about 4mm bbs. so I will add the one back with just 5mm holes straight through......

airsoft m4 hop up hutu hopup tracer unit
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