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Read this before posting

by WirierEcho

Keep in mind this is a group for people interested in discussing 3D printing in Airsoft, sharing files and talking about ideas for 3D printed stuff for airsoft.
With that said, "Talking about ideas", is not requesting something designed, without taking part of the process yourself.
I see a lot of topics about "Can someone make this?" or stuff like that. If you have and idea, have made an effort drawing it yourself in 3D or even 2D, but are stuck or not happy about your drawing, THEN someone on this group might be able to help you out.
But please stop the "I want this! Can you make it for me?". It doesn't take a lot of reading on this group to see, that none are answering these request.

thank you

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FPG Conversion kit for WE/Marui/KJW Glocks

by vini_damiani

So, I'm currently working on a FPG/FMG Carbine conversion kit that you can attach WE parts to it and make a working folding carbine

Since the FPG was discontinued and it will likely never get back into production I started to work on a conversion kit, I'm making some progress but it is slow

The main thing I was in need for was a proper model of a Marui style frame I could base the design on, cause for it to work it would need a proprietary frame. I have an extra WE frame that I can cut but I want everyone to be able to print all the parts without needing to sacrifice a functional glock. If Anyone has the model of a marui frame that can fit with no modification, I would be glad to base my design on it

I will share more details as it gets closer to completion but the plan is to have a gun that looks similar to the FPG, that folds and works well

I'm also working on a SMC-9 Conversion kit for the WE glocks, will be sure to post updates here too

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by adas1223

More of an electronic/circuit question than a 3D printing one. a simple method to convert an AEG to bolt action/push buttonm(think HPA short troke sniper)

could it be a simple "micro resetting fuse" or would it need a 'micro comuter' with coding

there ARE mosfets which create a few seconds delay for a bolt action sim

or somewhere along the lines of the trigger tripping a switch on the pull, needing to be reset somewhere else.


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Scabbard AKM Bayonet

by mate62

Hello friends of the bbs

For our Russian airsoft uniforms there is no Bayonet in rubber.
However, there is a 3d version on thingiverse, but incomplete ... It lacks a scabbard.

The modeling of this project is a bit too complex for me.
If any of you wish me help with the realization of the 3d file?
Tell me what you think about this project.
I am at your disposal to answer questions
I thank you in advance


AKM type 1 Bayonet
by Snorri
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