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Airwolf Support

by extrudious

What kind of response have you gotten out of Airwolf support? I have a brand new Axiom 3d DD and it arrived broken. I am having a real bad time of getting decent response from the "fresh desk" at Airwolf. It's really spotty.

They have agreed to send a new one but the information I get abut the return is incomplete.

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Dual Extruder Axiom

by ShaneC80

Anyone else using an Axiom with dual print heads?

I'm trying to find some "ideal" settings to use to get concise quality prints with ours each time.

I switched from the Apex software to Cura and have have had much more success, but I still believe it can be dialed in better, but I'm new to all of this still and hoping to find a good baseline.

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Apex Tweaking

by pochetl

Having trouble changing the basic settings in Apex using the Expert settings. In Apex when I change the temperature settings then write gcode - the new temperatures I set aren't used. When I change the print speed in expert settings - the print time estimate doesn't change.

My standard settings for ABS and hydrofill are definately low. The default is 240 and 235 for ABS+Hydrofill. My hydrofill isn't happy unless it's around 240. maybe it's the temperature sensors. The only way I have to fix it is to tune the temperature up during the print or change the profile file.
I've been tweaking the files here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Apex\resources\quickprint\profiles\AxiomDual(Direct Drive)
but that doesn't seem like the right path forward. Does anyone have a better plan to modify the temperatures and settings used by APEX? Maybe there's some magic process to follow after I change them in expert mode for them to take effect that I haven't found?

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Blown Fuse from cleaning

by pochetl

It was bound to happen. Despite the warnings in the video and the giant sticker on the front of my Air Wolf Dual Direct Drive Axiom - we cleaned it while it was on with a METAL brush. Power stops on everything - machine looks dead.

Had to remove the back panel - which was harder than you think- it's not the nice easy screws on the cute little panel - it's the giant screws on the whole metal back. They were a monster to get out.
Pulled out 2 fuses in the back
Replaced the bad one with this:

We'll try harder not to kill it but I'll keep some extra fuses on hand just in case...

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