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Problème de fragilités des impressions

by Rextor26

Bonjour, j'ai un problème concernant mes impressions, elles cassent souvent à cause de mauvais dépôt de plastique sur certaines couches je vous laisses des photos en pièces jointes ou vous verrez des lignes de fragilités. Je suis ouvert à toutes solutions si vous en avez une ? ;)

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Malfunzionamento Display U20

by andreabi71

Buongiorno a tutti! Da alcuni giorni il display della mia alfawise U20 è diventato duro e estremamente difficile da usare. Qualcun altro ha lo stesso problema? Sapete se è possibile calibrare il display in modo che diventi più sensibile alla pressione?
Grazie. Andrea

Goodmorning everyone! The display of my alfawise U20 has become hard and extremely difficult to use. Does anyone else have the same problem? Do you know if it is possible to calibrate the display so that it becomes more sensitive to pressure?
Thank you. Andrew

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Live Document for our printer

by hlplayboy1

Hi All, I have started on a Living Data base for our printer I will ty to add more content to it daily. please feel free to add content if you like. if some one could share on this facebook group that would be awesome!!


Alfawise Alfawise_U20 U20
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