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alfawise U20 proplem with K sensor

by ZV3D

Goodmorning everyone
I have been having problems with my alfawise u20 for several weeks.
in essence the temperature probe detects an incorrect temperature at 200 ° the real temperature is 185 to 250 ° the real temperature is 225 °
I measured the temperature with a multimeter equipped with a K probe.
I tried to replace the K sensor of alfawise but the problem persists
unfortunately this problem I can not extrude certain types of material.
what can I do since it is not possible to adjust the PID.
I would like to install Marlin but I cannot find it in English or Italian already compiled to install via SD, since it is the only system from what I understand.
could someone help me.
thank you very much

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Piano di stampa incurvato

by andreabi71

Buongiorno a tutti. Recentemente ho notato che il piano di stampa della mia Alfawise U20 si è incurvato al centro, in pratica risulta più basso di circa mezzo millimetro rispetto agli angoli, e questo impedisce alle stampe più grandi di aderire per bene (per quelle piccole sto usando i margini del piatto).
Avrei pensato di aggiungere un vetro di piccolo spessore, ma non so come trattare la superficie, né se il riscaldamento funzionerebbe lo stesso.
C'è nessuno che ha affrontato lo stesso problema?

Goodmorning everyone. Recently I noticed that the printing bed of my Alfawise U20 curved in the center, in practice it is lower by about half a millimeter compared to the corners, and this prevents the larger prints from sticking well (for the small ones I am using the margins of the dish).
I would have thought to add a glass of small thickness, but I don't know how to treat the surface, nor if the heating would work the same.
Is there anyone who has faced the same problem?

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Problème de fragilités des impressions

by Rextor26

Bonjour, j'ai un problème concernant mes impressions, elles cassent souvent à cause de mauvais dépôt de plastique sur certaines couches je vous laisses des photos en pièces jointes ou vous verrez des lignes de fragilités. Je suis ouvert à toutes solutions si vous en avez une ? ;)

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Malfunzionamento Display U20

by andreabi71

Buongiorno a tutti! Da alcuni giorni il display della mia alfawise U20 è diventato duro e estremamente difficile da usare. Qualcun altro ha lo stesso problema? Sapete se è possibile calibrare il display in modo che diventi più sensibile alla pressione?
Grazie. Andrea

Goodmorning everyone! The display of my alfawise U20 has become hard and extremely difficult to use. Does anyone else have the same problem? Do you know if it is possible to calibrate the display so that it becomes more sensitive to pressure?
Thank you. Andrew

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