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Light cycle

by NeoUK3D

Just wondering if anyone comes on here anymore ?
Also has anyone built the Tron bike ?

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How to put the eyes together

by Dangell82

I cant find how you put the eyes together.

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Hints/Tips on how to do eye vents?

by elnino54

Hi, Im in the final stages of the build but i cant see how the eye vents are supposed to go together. Well, more so how to mount them into the vent frame. I see on yours you removed the back part of the frame and relied on the arch behind the eye tube. Did you just glue the vents or do yours pivot still?

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lone twin pine mall

by bttf88mpbenny

just wondering as im knew and massive bttf fan whats best way to print the signs with supports? thanks

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What size screws

by Albi01

Quick question. I just downloaded all the files and It looks as if the files have "screws" to be printed as well, which I'm not doing, can anyone advise on what size screws you are using. Are you guys using rivets as well? want to do this right.


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