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PET-G first layer

by gnafin

i have a AM8 with e3d v6 bowden. i am just starting to print in PET-G but am getting bad first layers. i did raise the z height higher. here are some pictures. but after the first few layers the print comes out nice.

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HeatBed Replacement

by Chir

I need a new hotbed and I was considering an MK52. Anyone know if this bed would fit the A8 Y carriage?

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How I extend my LCD by 2 meters

by Slanger

Ok so I moved by 3D printer board and parts (Mosfet etc) to underneath the table, so needed a cable that reach the top or front for the controller I am using a Reprap LCD12864 Full Graphic Smart Controller. Plugged it in and umm problem its just blinking and flashing.

IDC flat ribbon cable post sockets 10-pin 2.0m Link: http://amzn.eu/d/hPzzFyJ

iHaospace 3D Printer LCD12864 Reprap 12864 LCD Display Link: http://amzn.eu/d/9cgnJUx

So here comes the tips

1) its back to front so the ribbons that plugs into the LCD12864 there is a raised pit on the plug. Trim that off with a set of wire cutters so that it is flat(ish) and then simply plug the cables back into the LCD panel Brilliant. It now works.

2) The onboard SD doesn't work with a long cable after looking at shielded version I thought what they hell, grabbed some kitchen foil (From Aldi) and wrapped about a meter of the cable in the foil shiny side on the outside. I wrapped about 2 or 3 times (Think of wriggles chewing gum. I then grabbed some cable sleeves to tidy it up and so nothing could short out (You could use electrical tape). Guess what, yep it works with the full 2 meters.

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AM8 prints leaning forward on the Y axis

by Slanger

Since upgrading prints are leaning forward, I am using the RatRig AM8, changed the Y axis cog, changed the belt, tightened and loosened the Y belt, I am at a loss. No matter what I do the amount of slant / leaning forward does not alter.

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