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Nozzle going up after a good G28 and before start printing.

by nicopenna

Hi people, I have this issue: G28 works ok, but when it's going to print after G28 before starts printing the nozzle seems to goes up until the sky, I dont have z_max_endstop so I turnf it of. I've tried with differents versions of cura but the same results. I've check marlin but I cannot understand whats happening. I've checked endstops, probe mounted fix (I have a induction sensor thats trigger oks), also checked the directions and dont know what else....
This is the screen that shows after G28.

endstop Marlin
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Need help finding a replacement part for my A2.

by PaulieGizmo

I'm looking for the piece that the filament runs through that attaches to the back of the cooling fan. I'm not sure what it is called but I have been searching everywhere for this piece. Something snapped inside of it and I am unable to clear it. I need to find either this part or some other hot end that is compatible with my Anet A2. Thank you for any assistance!

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E3D V6 Bracket and Turbo Fan Duct Help

by JaycenRigger

Would any of you mind shooting me a link to the E3D bracket you use, and especially if it includes a turbo fan duct?

I wasted a lot of time this weekend trying to print these out of PETG (partially my own fault - crazy winter storm made the basement much colder which totally screwed with my setup). One of the brackets I printed that supposedly mounts to the existing X carriage doesn't mount worth a frig (space left between the carriage and the bracket on the two back screws) and the one turbo fan design I found that was supposed to mate up with 40mm fan for an E3D had the ring too low. My nozzle is actually higher than the part cooling ring.

So, I went through all this trouble to mount this stuff and it's all no bueno.

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ABS or MatX

by JaycenRigger

So, I feel like I've sufficiently "mastered" printing with PLA to the point where I'm comfortable trying ABS. I bought some sample spools to play with, but I'm concerned about the smell, particulates, and the fact that I'll have to put a box around my printer to maintain that magic 104 C environment.

Does anyone have experience with E3D's material, MatX? It's supposed to offer the strength of ABS without some of the downsides. My biggest question is how sensitive it is to the environment. Will I need to control the environment like you do with ABS, or is it more forgiving like PLA?

I'm printing in my basement right now, and it's pretty chilly down there. I don't want to have to do a lot of extra work to control the environment if I don't have to.

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Swapping Filament with PLA - Best Practices?

by JaycenRigger

Now that I'm using different colors/manufacturers, I've been swapping out filaments a lot. Every single time I do, I end up with a clog.

Anyone willing to share their step-by-step secret to successfully swapping PLA filaments?

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