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A2 Plus Y Axis Problem

by JaycenRigger


I'm using Cura to slice my files, and I'm trying to do a large print that makes use of most of the Y axis of the print bed. When looking at the print in Cura, I have it move all the way to the front of the build plate, but when it starts to print, the print begins 1.25" from the edge of the plate.

Then, on the back side, the print "cuts off", meaning it prints normally until 1.25" from the back, the extruder runs in a straight line for a bit, then comes back forward normally printing.

There's obviously some artificial limit to the Y axis, but I can't find it in Cura. Could this be an issue with my firmware?

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Original A2 Firmware.

by dineshvyas

Does anyone have stock anet a2 firmware.
It is open source so it must be somewhere.

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settings recommendations for PETG

by SMaric

I have decided to try PETG
Am running the hotend at 240 but am still seeing bad layer adhesion
Have steadily been lowering the print speed -- am now down to around 20mm/sec

Any thoughts on what i'm doing/got wrong

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Layer problems

by SMaric

Hi can't figure out what I need to change to improve this print
210 hot end temp
45mm/s print speed
0.4mm nozzle
0.15mm layer height

this is a test print
2mm base
2mm wall thickness
~50mm tall

tube seems reasonably 'strong' up to the cut-out areas
then is 'strong' again above the cut-out areas
But is very fragile/weak throughout the cut-out area

When printing there was no significant stringing as it traversed the cut-out areas --- so that seems OK

Just cant seem to get smooth layer to layer printing -- can clearly see the 'layer strings'

Hope this makes sense & that someone can provide hints on how to resolve


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MOSFET boards

by SMaric

2 MOSFET boards have arrived & installed
On power-up the Hot end MOSFET is switched on - even though control board says Hot end OFF
??Does this mean I need to mod the Control Board S/w to invert the drive signal
If so - example please

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