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Is my Anet dying? (Power-Problem?)

by Bjako


my Anet A6 survived until now for 2+ years and I always could fix the problems he had but now I can't find any solutions for my current problem..

Some weeks ago my LCD just got really dark (normal Information but nearly not readable anymore) and now im getting layer shifting problems. I checked every possible mechanical issue but I think it has to be a problem with the electronics (im printing really slow, so too fast print speeds can't be the problem too).

I don't know if those problems are related to another but for me it looks like either the power supply or mainboard is dying now. Is that possible or is there maybe someone that faced similar problems here?

I would be really thankful for any help :D


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New controller board

by killerkane

I own an anet a6 and while testing a ne power supply I accidentally shorted the board frying it I need help choosing a new one I’ve been looking at duet clones the reprap ramps board kit on amazon and the BIGTREETECH Direct BTT SKR V1.4 Turbo I’d prefer not spending over 230$

anet anet_a6 controller_board
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help please e3d v6 and e3d titan

by killerkane

im trying to edit the marlin firmware on my board for my new extruder and hotend but i can not get the board to connect to my computer through usb b or with a usbasp can someone please help . And this board has given we lots of problems and wasted money so I’m wanting to replace it if I can’t figure it out can’t you recommend any boards I’m thinking about a duet 3 WiFi ,duet 2 clone, or the branchtechtree board on amazon. and while im in the firmware i continuously get the error [error: missing binary operator before token"(" ] for every #if ENABLED() does any one know how to solve it.

anet_a6 Marlin USBASP USB_B
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Anet A6 (Anet a6-L) Problem with holes and screw

by IThing3D

Hi everyone, I have a printer that continues to produce objects that have screws and holes wrong. They never match.
I also solved a problem with the extrusion of the printer, I had to adjust the steps / millimeter to 250, otherwise it printed badly.
Can someone help me?

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PrusaSlicer on A6

by Dome_


since prusaslicer's new update allows you to use the slicer for our A6,
has anyone tried it yet?

Maybe we could use the comments under this post to share our experiences (settings, what to avoid, ...)?

I'll try it on the weekend and comment what I found out.

anet_a6 PrusaSlicer
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