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Wanhao D9 move away x.y

by hafan

Anyone having the same problem with Wanhao D9 (move away x.y) stop printing and says powebrake.
Works sometimes but i cannot finish one single print,.

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Flipd arround Screen

by Sammael1994

Good Day Evryone

i got the problem When my Heatbed hit's 60°C
the display flips around and even is making funny stuff if i turn off the printer
Can someone help me to resolve that problem?

The Printer is a Ender 2,

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Ender 4 is about to go in the garbage...

by DarkMatterHacker

So the factory board is messed up. It's not controlling the x axis properly. bought a MKS BASE v1.5 (MEGA 2650) and the MSK TFT32. the TFT works but does not seem to be communicating with the base board. Now I'm totally new to this 3DP stuff and firmware. Modeling and coding are not an issue, I'm a cnc machinist/programmer. Can anybody help me get this thing printing again?! I have exhausted the internet searching.

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Ender 4 Leveling help!

by Pallaium

Hello, so I've have my ender 4 for about a little under a year and I've only used it maybe 15 times because of the nightmare I'm having leveling the bed. Let me explain.
So I purchased the auto bed leveler with my printer and spent forever setting it up. After getting it perfect, the sensor stopped working. No matter what I tried It would not sense the bed and just keep pushing the bed into the nozzle. I purchased a new one of those and everything went fine. It seems that sensor is now doing the same thing. In an attempt to make my life easier I decided to simply use the z switch included with the printer. Now this switch is refusing to work as well.
When I try and level the bed it simply goes down a little and stops, if you hold the switch button the bed keeps raising though. I looked this up online and it said to reverse the wire going into the main board. So I did that and now every time its clicked it resets the machine and turns off the screen? This is where I am completely lost as if you look up the solution to this it says to reverse the wires again? So if its going one way it restarts the machine and if its going the other way then it just lowers the bed 10 cm and stops.
Please help me figure this out! I am out of ideas!!!

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how to fix ghosting

by Judoguy12

i have printed this phone holder and have some ghosting on one side what do i change to fix it.


Folding Phone Holder
by phoney1
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