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how to fix ghosting

by Judoguy12

i have printed this phone holder and have some ghosting on one side what do i change to fix it.


Folding Phone Holder
by phoney1
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Feeder kicking back filament

by Deoji2011

Has anyone experienced filament feeder issues? My drive motor does not complete rotations and the filament gets worn / breaks, as it does not get feed into the tube. Do I need to repllace the motor or do I have a switch / sensor that has gone bad???

Filament_Feeder flexible_filament
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Ender-4 Problems with printing circles

by topr0416

After buying a month of Ender-4.. I found that this machine has a problem with printing circles.. I want to join facebook's Ender-4 community.. They don't let me join in.. so come here to ask Ender-4 friends: Will your machine do this? No matter if I tighten or loosen the belt.. The problem of printing circles is still the same. We have a solution? Thank you
PS.Attach my printed circle photo

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Bandung in 3D prints

by Judoguy12

Hi I have a wierd problem with banding on the prints do you know how to fix this.

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Terrible sides on 3D print

by Judoguy12

I have just got a print off bed on ender 2 and noticed terrible side surfaces. What is this caused by?? I am using PLA @ 195 and 45 bed. Flow rate 85%

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