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should this be on

by killerkane

// Use software PWM to drive the fan, as for the heaters. This uses a very low frequency
// which is not as annoying as with the hardware PWM. On the other hand, if this frequency
// is too low, you should also increment SOFT_PWM_SCALE.
//#define FAN_SOFT_PWM

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the best extruder for the anet 6 direct

by cabe86

Hello, I am fine that all the mods in the extruder are bowden but there is no direct injection there is some mod for the anet a6 to improve the hotend but that is direct injection

Hola estoy bien que todos los mod en el extrusor son bowden pero no hay de inyección directas hay algún mod para la anet a6 para mejorar el hotend pero que sea de inyección directa

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oval circles

by cabe86

hello last mind my anet instead of making the circles makes them oval I have changed the bed strap the cushions of the bed guide but I do not get well done circles but it does not leave them perfect as before someone could give me a solution

hola ultima mente mi anet en vez de hacer los círculos me los hace ovalados he cambiado la correa de la cama los cojines de la guía de la cama pero no consigo círculos bien hechos a mejorado pero no me los deja perfectos como antes alguien me podría dar una solución

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by 77-17

(uploaded a video of upgraded machine printing, please let me know if your not seeing it here)

anet_a6 anet_a6_mods Anet_a6_parts anet_a6_upgrade
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E-port and LCD screen problem

by Luca_Tara_2004

E-PORT My Anet A6, after 3 years of running, started suffering from intermittent moderate/severe under extrusion. It wasn't mechanical, because the filament diameter was right, there was no clicking during the print and no ground filament debris. It wasn't the motor, cable, or slicer, so I thought it was the motherboard. I removed the little heatsink, but the component under that looked just like all the others.

LCD SCREEN I bought another motherboard because I had some important prints to do. The motherboard I found is of an Anet A8, version 1.7. But when I turn it on, the LCD screen turns on and stays blue. The reset button works (I can tell it by the buzzer, which is dying btw, and the cooling fans). I tried to switch the wires, but of course it didn't work at all.
Thank you for your help. I know very little about complex electronics.

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