Hard copy of the build guide?

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Good morning, does anyone have a PDF of the build document for the A6? I will be getting mine later this week but I want to get that file printed out beforehand.

Be careful when downloading the documentation. I printed and read it before I received my A6 then assembled it and it didn't work. On close examination I found the + and - power connections were the reverse of what was in the downloaded document. I had a look at what I thought was the same document on the SD card that comes with the printer but it was correct. I recommend you read the documentation in advance but print out and work from the document on the sd card.

can you send me your email? I have the pdf

Thank you, I found a copy.

I find it is better to use the 3 videos

Only errors in the videos and i believe the instuction the Hetbed fixing plate i have build diffrently , rotated by 180 degrees
vertical, since it is better for the belt and somewhere in the video during fixating of the end-switch and the blower he interchanged the screws

give me your email in PM, I will send

looking for a6 manual, as i can not find it at school.
please mail it to shooter@home.nl

Thank you, i finally found one. Do you have this printer, anything I should know about while building, any gotchas or issues you came across?

I just built an A6 three weeks ago and with the videos it is really a breeze to assemble the unit.

Just pay attention to the heat bed mounting plate as it is installed bottoms up in the video. The bar connecting the outer two plates where the heat bed is finally mounted should be below the plates, not above as in the video.

Also, if you still have time, order some decent toothed belt, Igus Drylin RJ4JP-01, and toothwheels for the Y and X belts and replace the original pulleys, bearings, and belts before you even assemble the unit. I just changed mine last week and it does make a hell of a difference - with this little upgrades (cost me less than 30$ for everything - at Amazon) you upgrade from an okay printer to a really decent machine.

The belt: https://www.amazon.com/Anycubic-Meters-Timing-Pulleys-Printer/dp/B0152ZNDLK
The pulleys: https://www.amazon.com/Aluminum-Bearing-Timing-3D-printers/dp/B0188HW4Z0
The bearings: https://www.amazon.com/Printer-Solid-Polymer-LM8UU-Bearing/dp/B06XPRCMJS (actually, you need 8 pieces - not seven as in the images - 4 for the Y-axis and 4 for the X-axis)

The above are not the actual articles I've bought because I am from Europe where Amazon sells in different quantities.

If you want to go on the safe side, grab a second power supply and two MOSFET boards to remove the high current from the mainboard:

PSU: https://www.amazon.com/eTopxizu-Universal-Regulated-Switching-Computer/dp/B00D7CWSCG (just as an example)
MOSFET: https://www.amazon.com/Wangdd22-Printer-Expansion-Heatbed-Current/dp/B01MY50JL3
Power socket and switch: https://www.amazon.com/URBEST-Module-Switch-Certification-Socket/dp/B00ME5YAPK

Last recommendation: get some 3mm borosilicate glass to lay (clip) over the heatbed. This will make the prints stick better and also provide a perfectly flat surface for the builds (still, you'll need to do the levelling)

Glass: https://www.amazon.com/Signstek-Printer-Tempered-Borosilicate-2132003mm/dp/B00QQ5Q3BI

When assembling the heatbed mount, pay lots of attention to the 16 screws. Tighten them one by one diagonally and move the bed around. If the bed feels stuck, loosen the last screws and shift the mounts around a bit. The lighter this mount moves, the better your prints will be.

One thing that you must be aware: This printer is a great little unit, but it needs love, dedication and plenty upgrades. Out of the box it works okay, but with the upgrades it becomes a really good unit.

Could you please post some details or the EU links?

Also i found these kits, are they any good?
but the pilley are sometimes 20 teeth and sometimes 16 teeth

I have extensive experience in the Assembly of the mechanisms, so no problems arose, the Assembly took 1 evening.
Here are links to a video of the build from the seller :
ps:if there are difficulties leave your email I will send you the documentation which came with the printer (6 documents)