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by Magnum81

I am trying to upgrade Anet A8 to a new board, BTT SKR 1.4 Turbo with TMC2209. I have tried both UART and stand alone mode, and still get the same shitty result.
I have followed different guides, i have tune my steppers, It worked good with the old original Anet board, so its no hardware fault. Could it be something in my Marlin code that fails???

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printer not responding after updating firmware

by MosheT

Hello everyone,
so I updating my firmware and now my TFT screen dos not communicate with my printer, so I tried printing via USB using CURA and that worked for a few prints but now that doesn't work either?
Any ideas?
Thank you.
Not CURA recognizes the printer but wont send correct info.

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Cura 2.4 does not connect to printer

by Chucketn

I have been fighting this problem for several days. I have 2 computers in my printing area/shop.
One is 32 bit win 7 home and a just loaded up Win 7 pro 64 bit. I have been printing successfully on my Anet A8 with the 32 bit computer via usb. I added the 64 bit machine as many of the newer CAD/CAM and printing programs are 64 bit only...
The 64 bit machine, running Cura 2.4, does not connect to the printer via usb. Cura 14.07 and 15.04.6 do not connect via usb either...All 3 say printer not connected. I get the audio 'boing' when I plug in the usb cable for the printer, and can see it in device manager, and have set the comm port to 115000. I have installed the CH340 drivers. HELP!
FWIW, I did have Avast antivirus installed, but that was wrecking havoc with the usb wireless, so I have uninstalled it. Wireless connection is stable and reliable now. I thought Avast may have been 'shielding' the printer connection, but that is not the case.
While troubleshooting the weirdness, I tried printing from the SD card, but somehow, the hot end contacted the glass on the printbead and screwed up leveling, so I'll be working on that while I wait for hopefully an answer to the above issues...

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V1.7 board component identification

by campbrian

I accidentally connected the power cables to my V1.7 board up incorrectly and burnt out one of the components. I need to identify the blown up component so that I can replace it. I've attached a photo of a spare board that I happen to have.

It's labelled 01 on the silkscreen and R4 on the 3 pin component itself. I'm an electronics novice, and I have no idea what this is.


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Upgrade adding rocker switches to power supply

by DWV6611

I am upgrading my anet a8 by adding a rocker switches which comes with a 5amp fuse. I want to know if I change the fuse in the switch for using a 12volt 20amp power supply, same for 12volt 30amp and a 24volt 15 amp?. And what size of fuses do I need?

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