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Pause the printing to change the filament (color)

by Cronod

Hi guys, i will like to print an object in two different colors, its something very simple i'm trying to print, after i print the layer XX i need that the printer go in pause, move the extruder away form the printing (meaby also lifting the Z axe a bit) and wait for me to change the filament and then move back the extruder where it was and keep printing with the new color.

Someone as a piece of Gcode that i can simply copy and paste where i need in my project Gcode?

Thanks a lot to all and sorry for the poor english

3-way switch wiring

by nellapatella


I would like to wire two switches to my printer.

One on the power supply with a socket.
Using this one: https://www.robotics.org.za/C14-SWITCH?search=switch

And another as a auto off switch at the top of the printer in the same way as this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2530289

But for life of me I can't figure out the wiring. Have been googling 3-way switching but it is all for lighting and it makes me confused.

Any help with the wiring would be great! thanks!

Anet A8 - Auto Shutdown

Just started to get bad prints. Any thoughts?

by arneltec

I just installed a BuildTak, I love the fact that it can take a beating. I adjusted the bed so it does not dig into the BuildTak, I adjusted my temps from 190/50 to 200/45 to get the first layer to stay. My first layer is almost flawless. But the second layer seems to be in consistent onward.
I attached pictures of the results.
I am using my usual slicer configuration I've used with the Blue tape except for the temp.
First Layer .3mm
Layers .2mm
Skirt speed 40mms
Initial layer speed (includes walls/travel) 40mms
Rest of the layers speed (includes walls/travel) 200mms

Picture ending in 37 is weird, at layer 2 it starts to skip a whole section and keeps doing it in the layers after.
And no it does not run out of PLA. It literally does not go into the section that it skips.

Picture ending in 35 I changed it to be all .3mm layers and it started to string.

Fan starts at layer 3 at 100%.

Marlin 1.1.6 Auto Home

by psteiner

Today I compiled Marlin 1.1.6, using Marlin-config (link below), with the Anet A8 example configuration header files, then flashed it to the main board. That all went OK, and Marlin is running on the main board.

The "Auto Home" function of the OMNI firmware that shipped on the stock Anet A8 main board would park the extruder nozzle just above the front-left corner of the heat bed, leaving a few millimeters gap between the limit switches and the extruder carriage and heat bed.

When I use the Marlin "Auto Home" feature to set the extruder position, the extruder carriage ends up parked right against its X and Z limit switches, and the heat bed is parked right against the Y limit switch.

Is this normal for Marlin on the Anet A8? I read some suggestions to use the M206 G-Code command to change the home positions, but I really didn't understand whether this is a permanent change, or whether it will affect the position of prints on the heat bed.

Marlin-Config: https://github.com/akaJes/marlin-config