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Electrical upgrades on latest revisions: are them still worth?

by Sfner

Many videos I watched on YouTube said that the first things you should do after buying an Anet are:

  • MOSFET on the hotbed circuit;
  • MOSFET on the hot end circuit;
  • Hotbed wires soldered directly to the bed;
  • Fused power socket for PSU;
  • Replacing the PSU was sometimes recommended.

However, I also noticed some differences between 2017-ish Anet YouTube showed me and the Anet (manufactured on Dec 18th, 2018 according to the box) I bought:

  • PSU was an unbranded and unfused [email protected], mine is a branded and fused [email protected] that is often used on cheap CFTV deployments;
  • Cable from PSU that connects to the main board was just a pair of wires, mine came with connectors crimped and a 20A automotive fuse near to one end;
  • Anet3D v1.0 board had problems with delivering the needed power, mine is v1.5 and doesn't seem to have problems that putting extra solder at 6 points wouldn't leave me comfortable using it without MOSFETs;
  • Hotbed connector had one wire for each polarity, mine has thicker wires and two for each polarity (two red wires and two black wires) and the connector seems to provide a good enough contact to the pins.

I only plan to add a power switch to turn it off easier, an external fuse to not having to open the PSU when that internal fuse blows and a power socket because neither the US (Type B), EU (Type F), UK (Type G) nor AU (Type I) plugs fits in BR standard (Type N) without adapters and I avoid them.

However, even though the manufacturer made the product more reliable, it can still not be reliable enough. Is it a problem if I take the changes they made as "problem fixed" or (some of) the upgrades are still worth?

MOSFET power_socket power_switch PSU
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Anet a8 upgrading to bowden

by Fercho41890

hi, i want to upgrade my extruder to the e3d v6 bowden but i cant find like a step by step tutorial for the all the assembly and the firmware configuration, can someone help me plz!

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by Vleaugs

I don't know whats going on buddies, please help me, my english its not so good, hope you understand, i tried everything and the problem still happening.

Video on YT: https://youtu.be/QyXNzg6EIkM

a8 printe anet heat heating help off on problem restart restarting turning
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Random freezes on SD print

by Sfner

My Anet "randomly" freezes while printing from the SD card. It's "random" because, when it happens, it always happens on the same file on the same line of GCode, but it's always on different lines across the affected files (some files prints perfectly).

I did not try printing from other SD cards other than the one they sent. Printing from USB is flawless and reliable.

My main concern about it is the printer freeze while sending power to the extruder and/or bed and end up overheating until starting a fire.

Is it more likely to be a problem with the printer or with the SD card?

SD Card: The one they sent
FW: Marlin 1.1.9

freezing sd_card
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Help: Z offset changed constantly

by superryan14

Posted this in the RepRap group as well so I can try and reach the most people for help.

I have a ramps 1.4 board in my custom A8 with a capacitive sensor, everything has been working fine over the last few months, but recently everytime I level my bed the z distance seems to change. I'd go from being at -1.90~ to up to -2.5 and randomly in between. Not sure if my sensor (or capacitive sensors in general being considered inconsistent) has gone bad. but it's really frustrating. If anything i'll probably end up getting a BL touch or something else for auto level solutions if it comes down to it.

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