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Hot end on my anet a8 is not keeping its temp.

by CodikazMan

Ive had my printer for about 9 months now and been working fine until it wasn't. If i press pre-heat pla, its gets to 200 celsius but as soon a i start to print something it dips down and stays at ~175 celsius i have no clue what the problem is. I checked the connections and they are all good. The only thing i can think of is that the outlet is not supplying enough juice to power it. (I recently moved, since the move to new house it did not work)

edit: also the slower the motors move, the hotter it gets

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Carriage Mount for Genuine E3D V6 hotend direct drive not bowden

by mw817502

I am getting a genuine e3d v6 hot end to upgrade my anet a8's stock hot end and I have only been able to find https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2628855 which is designed for cloned e3d hot ends. I have found a bunch of carriage mounts for a bowden set up but I want to stay with a direct drive setup for now even though I know the weight reduction to the carriage is good, are there any direct drive carriage mounts for the genuine e3d v6 hot end that someone could recommend.

Anet A8 Direct Feed E3D Carriage Mount
Anet_A8 E3D_v6 Genuine_Parts
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Won't Print

by cox941

New build. Started first print stl box on sd card and extruder stopped heating during print and failed. Gearbest sent me new element. Heats to 190 for PLA, but when I try to print something from the sd card now it starts to load file 10%-20% but then stops and goes back to main menu showing idle or preheat pla. Any ideas?

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Tolerance Test

by firasdeep

I printed out the tolerance test and I can only spin the 0.5 mm, the print quality is good and aurate,but the rest mm are fused.
Setting and the printed model in attachment

Customizable 3D Tolerance Test
by zapta
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Trouble removing tape from print

by Rediraevac

Does anyone have any tips on removing tape from a print? I'm using Duck Tape brand blue painter's tape, and after removing the print from the bed, there's tape stuck to the print. I don't imagine water would loosen painter's tape, and sometimes sanding isn't an option.

P.S. Please don't give me suggestions as to what tape I should be using (such as expensive Kapton that I'm unsure will work) or glue sticks/glass beds/ substrates, that's not what I asked for, and by that logic I should have gotten a better printer to start.

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