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what is the best titan extruder clone out there?

by zelikit

I serching for a titan extruder clone for my anet a8

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Dual Extruder Upgrade

by Splat_Tim

Hey everyone, I've been wanting to upgrade my Anet A8 to a dual extruder for some time now, and I found this online and was wondering if it would be compatible with the frame of the printer. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RepRap-3D-Printer-Dual-Input-Dual-Nozzle-Bowden-Extruder-Hot-End-0-4mm-1-75mm/323173776628?hash=item4b3ea87cf4:g:~j4AAOSwwBNau8ls

Also, I'm 90% sure that I will need to upgrade/change the board, so what board should I change to ensure stable printing and use of all printer components.

Thanks for any advice!

Advice anet_a8_upgrade dual_extrusion
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Extruder squeaking on extraction explained

by yclee126

From someday my printer started to make some squeaking noise while printing, and the noise seemed random.
Whenever it happens I applied oil to the x and y axis bearings expecting the noise was from them not properly lubricated.(and somehow it kinda worked)

But that treatment didn't last long and sometimes the squeaking happened right after the treatment.
Realising the axis bearings were not the problem, I did some investigation for it. And after a while, I found some google search results say that it might be extruder bearing problem, and from that I found a new flaw in Anet A8 now..

When I turn the small bearing inside the extruder(pic1) little fast as does on extraction, it squeaks!! And it's not the bearing's fault, but the bearing mount section. The bearing mount section of Anet A8 is designed just flat. But according to the schematic of U604ZZ U groove bearing which is used here, the height of outer ring and inner ring are the same(pic2) which means it's not meant to be mounted like that. Therefore result in extruder wall touching the moving part of the bearing, making annoying squeaking noise. Even the bearing mount place is worn out and metal debris forming outline of the bearing!(pic3)
Such a shame for Anet A8, I hope this already fixed in later version.(please confirm)
Just slowing down the extraction speed won't work in long term.

As a solution I'm thinking insert thin plastic between the bearing and mount wall, floating the moving part above.(pic4) But that not might work since it's pretty hard to cut that small and thin plastic piece, at least I'll have to try it.
Also milling the mount place little bit seems best solution, but I don't have any cnc machines.(I want one so bad tho)
Or just replace that bearing with 3d printed bearing-shaped thing for guide filament along the groove.

Any ideas for this problem?

(pic2 from https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-10pcs-U604ZZ-SZU4-13-604UU-U-groove-deep-groove-ball-bearing-4x13x4mm-Walking-guide/32793801478.html)

bearing extruder noise squeak squeaking
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Extruder stopped mid print

by Lallers66

Hi there

I have a problem I've been trying to fix for a while.
During a print the extruder stopped and I naturally started looking at the filament and see if there was anything wring with it.
Next I pushed the keypad button.
I tried to move the extruder by hand after removing the fan and heat sink.
It moved just fine.
I checked to see if the little extruder Teflon pipe was up to high for any reason.
I'm using OctoPrint so I tried hitting the extrude button.
I swapped the leads between the Y and extrude and tried it.
Now the extrude moved but not the Y.

At this point I decided the board had failed me and I ordered a new board.
I finally came in the mail and I quickly installed the unit.
Now this is where it gets weird, again.
From the keypad I could now move the extruder, no problem.
But from OctoPrint the extruder would not move.
The X,Y and Z was no problem from OctoPrint as well as setting the temperature and a good camerafeed,
so that cable was good.
I even tried another pi and the same result happened.
So anyway I started a print just to see what would happen.
To my surprise it started printing and printed good.
Well that only lasted so long.
About and hour into the print the piece came loose and that print was done.
Now I was trying to start another one but, yeah the extruder did not work.
So here I am, and I don't know what to do.
I've looked a similar topics and mostly the suggest to increase the voltage to the stepper, but there's no pots for the extruder.
The power supply supplies 12.47V, I've checked clearances and wiring.
Buy another printer?
I don;t know.
It's a Anet A8 Prusa with a OctPrint from a Pi and a Pi Zero W.

I'm very happy with it and wish I could figure out what the problem is.

Thank you for any help.

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New A8 Build! Things is not working :/

by madsrinker

Here is a video showing it!

  1. The mainboard does not light up anywhere but when i run GCode the motors are moving fine!
  2. The hotend does not warm up at all
  3. The damn temp sensors are saying DEF! I also tried taking the b_t and E_t and change those two still only shows temperature for like 1 second before it says DEF!

Really annoying :@

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