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stk 500v2 timeout

by MosheT

Some time ago I upgraded my a8 with a mks gen l everything went fine and is a great upgrade then I upgraded the z axis to a one motor system by osadchy, got the hardware and put it together but then while trying to update the firmware I got a stk 500v2 timeout error I even bought a new board and I get the same error .
Any ideas?
Thank you.

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Endstop question part 2

by tangytom

I have a AM8 and want to ask if anyone could test this for me. If you were to put your bed in the middle of travel and the held your Anet Y endstop closed and then told your printer to move the Y axis would it move? Mine keeps moving with me holding the endstop closed and i pretty sure it should NOT move but i need to verify this before i go any farther. Thank you

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Remake not copy....

by mystrey2010

I really enjoy the community and making simple designs that usually fulfill a need, but it's really annoying when some people just make a straight copy of your designs and don't even attempt a re-make and pass it off as their own...



XBox One X Horizontal Stand / Riser
design model
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Help! AM8 with SKR 1.4turbo NOT using sensorless motors not stop

by tangytom

Marlin reports all endstops working as they should based on M119, However all 3 will keep going as they grind when crashing into endstops.
So as this is a new install of the SKR 1.4turbo my guess is i have messed up my settings? I have been having alot of problems getting Marlin working as this is my first time with it. Is there a setting i should be looking at or is there another thing i should be looking at? If it is a Marlin issue can you please tell me in some detail what or where it is as i have said i have had some much trouble getting it working. I can tell you i can move X Y and Z up and down forward and backward, my hotbed and extruder work and read temps and both fans work and read temps. Thank you for reading and look forward to hear from anyone who can help.

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Build surface upgrade

by BarM

I've upgraded my machine heavily. I have the SKR 1.4 Turbo, TMC2209's, Drylin bearing, matching GATES fibre reinforced belts, pulleys & idlers on X & Y, BMG extruder, V6 hotend - the list goes on. I've seen some nice improvements in my print quality as a result but there is a noticeable difference with ghosting on the X & Y axis and after checking for vibrations & belt tensions etc I believe about the only way to get much more of an improvement with this is to upgrade my build surface from a glass surface to save weight.
I've been looking at various flexible systems and more recently polypropylene but one thing I can't seem to get any information about these is about the weight. My guess would be that given there're no magnets etc, the polypropylene will be the most lightweight but it's only a guess and it's still a relatively new surface to work with so I can't see very many reviews on it.
I'm just wondering if any of you guys have any experience with these or can point me in the direction of specifications that include weight?

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