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Plastic LM8UU Bearings

by Ausimax

I had to replace the linear bearings on my printer bed, I ordered a set of the plastic LM8UU bearings, they finally came today - beauty I thought be up and running in no time- wrong - they don't fit the housings about 0.8mm too large, no way they could fit - tried to press in in a vice, no go and if they had it would have compressed the to the extent that they would have jammed on the rods.
All was not lost, fortunately I have a lathe and after a little time devising a suitable jig I had them machined down to size, still a nice firm press fit in the housings, up and running and the silence is deafening.
Has anyone else run into this problem? If so how did you overcome it?

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There has got to be a better way to change filament!

by QuantumZ

It seems like the hardest thing to do on the A8 is change the filament. More often than not I find myself removing the screws for the fan to get the new filament loaded. Then it usually needs the bed re-leveled because I move the Z axis on one side or the other. If I don't burn myself on the extruder in the process it is a good day. Help me! Save me! I seek your wisdom!

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Anet A8, octoprint

by SatorCodex

Im sitting here downloading the octoprint image to my hard drive.
The pi is waiting for action. :)

Anyone who has done this is welcome to comment with tips. Dosent look very strait forward.
But access it away from home is the most important thing. When doing long prints.
OSX is what used on the desktop. iPhone and iPad for remotecontrol.

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Cura connection to Octoprint with reverse proxy authentication

by FordMustang0288

Good Morning,
I've been fiddling with configuring remote access to the printer through the printoid android app. I've managed to follow all of the settings and gain access to the printer from outside my network. Due to the reverse proxy authentication, I now have to enter in a username/pass to access the URL and then my normal login for Octoprint. The downside is that Cura can no longer "send to octoprint". It tells me that it is unavailable and asks if I want to queue the job. I'm 99% positive that it can't handle the authentication request to the server but is not presented in a message saying so.
So, how do I configure Cura so that it can still connect to the protected Octoprint server?

Thank you!

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Cooling fan not working

by CBocka

Hello everyone,
Just finished building my anet a8 and it works mint except for the cooling fan doesn't turn on. not the layer cooling fan but the one that cools the extruder. Any thoughts? I'm using cura for slicing. Also if any has any upgrade suggestions thatd be awesome. Thanks

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