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Z-axis limit stuck 'on'?

by TrotFox

A co-worker bought a new A8 and brought it in so I could help tune it. I have it printing really well with one exception... the Z axis limit claims to be on regardless of what we do unless I physically short the connector pins on the motherboard with a screwdriver. This causes the entire board to reset but allows the system to home... once. After that print the input remains stuck 'on' again until the process is repeated. Using the reset button doesn't have the same result. We've also interchanged switches with no change in behavior.

Has anyone seen this behavior before? My thought it to try flashing the board to Marlin and to replace the board if that doesn't work. Anyone have other suggestions?


Anet_A8 Z_homing
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Suicide Pin on Ramps 1.4

by CAP1Sup

I have an A8 with Ramps and I have wired up a relay so the Arduino has a suicide pin. With the start up button, I can turn it on, however, if I let go, the printer shuts down, meaning that the Arduino is not powering the relay. I have set the suicide pin to 58, and would like to know if there are any other things to enable to allow the Arduino to shut itself off.

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Upgraded to J-head hot end, won't print centered

by sebbiedacrab

This is the mount I used

Prints offset as the nozzle is at a different position than original.

Was wondering how to fix this problem (in slicer or printer), gets annoying when trying to print large prints.

slicer: slic3r

Thanks in advance!

Improved Customizeable Anet A8 E3D v6 E3Dv6 Carriage with 40mm Fan Mount
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Anet A8 Crashing Towards End Print

by Tsrogs

Hello. I bought my Anet A8 a couple weeks ago and I have been experiencing this one frequently occurring issue. After a couple prints out of the freshly assembled A8, I starting to get a message with the stock Anet software saying "Error reading SD card", or something similar to that. This caused the printer to stop printing all together. I thought what was perhaps the software causing the issue and upgraded to the latest Marlin firmware. For a couple prints, what seemed like the issue went away, it didn't. With the Marlin firmware, the printer just stops and seizes all button functions beside the LCD. The interesting this about this issue is that it happens when the print is over 70% complete, mostly 80-100%. I was curious if the problem was coordinate specific. I had a Marvin print that crashed at 75%, X104 Y103 Z16.6. I re-printed the same file and it crashed at the exact location. I did some research and I found some possible solutions. Here is what I have tried:

Checked the power supply with a multimeter. It delivers 12.7+ volts even when the printer crashes. Re-routed the supply wires anyway.
I re-flashed the motherboard several times with the Marlin firmware (temporary fix).
Changed my start g-code.
Ensured the saved files had a complete g-code in Notepad, they do.
Re-formatted the SD card that came with the printer.
Made sure all the limit switches are functioning properly.
Power cycled my printer.
Ensured careful ejection of the SD card.
Ensured everything is wired properly.
I re-downloaded the Marvin model, sliced it, and saved it to the SD card, deleting the old g-code. This solution worked and the model printed to completion. This method however, does not work for mods I have created through SolidWorks.

One thing that I have not tried yet is using a brand new SD card. Not sure if that could be the problem, or the motherboard. Has anybody experienced this problem before? Any other possible solutions I can try?

I made a post similar to this earlier but it got flagged for moderation.

Anet Anet_A8 crash problem
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Disassembly for Upgrade

by Fxguy

So I purchased some bearings to upgrade my Anet A-8, but I cant seem to figure an easy way to get the rods out of the X-Axis mount. I had to hammer them in pretty tight originally and haven't moved them since. Any ideas?

Also I saw a post a while back about mounting to a permanent table that was either a garden stone or plywood and can't seem to find that, anyone know where I may find that?

Trying to permanently mount to a portable but sturdy surface since my Y-Axis seems to be warping a bit. I'd like to print some clips to keep it clipped down along with the front frame brace.


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