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actual print improvements with marlin?

by Andybenton

Any one seen any actual improvements in print quality by switching to marlin firmware? seems to me to be the cheapest "upgrade", but if it doesnt afford any real gains in print quality then im not certain that its worth my time as i dont intend on using any bed leveling sensors at this time.

in the long run ill swap evnetually anyways, i plan on adding auto bed leveling and likely changing to an e3d v6 also- so marlin will come in time for sure. just wondering if its worth it at this time.

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Damaged Nozzle? (Stock extruder, nozzle)

by SajjadA

A few days ago I printed out a bed height adjuster that uses the z-endstop to adjust the gap b/w the nozzle and the bed. Unfortunately, on maybe my second print with the modification, it didn't engage the endstop correctly and ground the nozzle into the tape and aluminum on my heated bed. Then I -- being the idiot I am -- panicked and hit kill print on Repetier, so it then dragged the nozzle across the bed to the front-left corner, making a deep gouge in the surface of the bed.

At first, I thought that everything was ok: I am planning on ordering a glass plate for my bed soon and I didn't think it had damaged my nozzle. However, on my next print I noticed that the filament was significantly curling to one side of the nozzle right after being extruded. At first, I attributed this to a partially clogged nozzle, but no matter what I did (cold-pulls, hot-pulls, poking around with a wire), it wouldn't fix the issue. I am still seeing the curling and my prints are severely under-extruded.

Now that I think about it more, I am convinced that I damaged the tip of the nozzle when it gouged the line in the bed. The curling is towards the right, so if the tip of nozzle was damaged on the left side (the way it was moving), that would explain the curling. Does this explanation make sense to you guys? Also, has anyone else had this happen to them as well? If so, is there any way to fix my nozzle or do I have to order a new one?

Thank you for the help.

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by kingbhuiyan24

The story:

At around 3-4 in the morning today my Anet A8 stopped printing the headphone stand that. I was too tired to comprehend anything so I went back to sleep. Today when I started to boot up my Anet A8, I saw "def" where both temperatures of the nozzle and build plate should be. So I searched this up and people have said this means you need to solder the wires to the build plate. Then I checked the wires. The blue wire to my build plate was fried. The rubber covering was completely melted as you can see in the pictures. It was burned from the connection to the motherboard to the build plate connection. Fortunately I got a mosfet upgrade for my build plate so it shut down the whole printer. You can see in the images in some places the wire itself was burned and you can see the connection to the motherboard was burned.

What I recommend doing is to solder the wires to the build plate and if you don't already have a mosfet get one.

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printing withdrawals...

by damanbaird

Since my printer is awaiting parts, cant print, need to print! Please post your latest print so i can go on living the printing life through you....

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Looking for good filament 1K spools

by cncjim4

I have been using AIO filament works very well. I am curious what filament everyone is using and how well does it work for you?
I want to buy 1k spools and can only find .5K from AIO here in the USA. I am looking for filament that is affordable and good.

1K spool filament
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