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Problem printing small parts

by Tmercados

I have an anet a8 printing on black PLA (Esun) at 200°c, glass print bed at 70°c, speed 45, fan speed 60% max 90%.
When printing small parts the walls are not completed, there are some lines on the print, idk if it's an under extrusion problem, or temperature, etc.
On very small pieces the printer doesn't even extrude.
What can it be? I've been playing with temperature, speed, flow, but none of those changes worked.
Here are some pics of the prints:

Aneta8 Anet_A8 PLA prusa_i3 Small_Parts
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Mossfet and Soldering power to the bed

by cn3wton

Hi all I have owned an Anet A8 for years. Ive ran it stock for that whole time, never really printing too much with it. Mostly not wanting to run it overnight for long prints due to safety reasons, and also other things.

Well I have dusted it off recently and started working on upgrades. My first and primary concern is safety. So I installed Marlin. Now I want to install a mossfet, however I have seen two different things that make me unsure.

Some suggest removing the connector from the bed and soldering directly to it, while others simply just install the mossfet.

Which way is right? Are both right? I would like everyones opinions about this before making my decision.

It is my hope to continue to upgrade this machine (ive already done the bearings and have tracks to install) as thats half the fun for me!

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Marlin firmware

by Charlee78

Hi guys! I would like to upgrade my firmware to marlin 1.1.9 to be able to use my new auto level sensor. But before I have a small question. I've watched tutorials and when they go in arduinoIDE to select board model, they only have board v1.0. The thing is my board is V1.7. Will that work?

If anyone have any experience or a known working tutorial I would be grateful! Just a bit scared of messing my new printer!

auto_bed_leveling Marlin_119
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Bowden extrusion

by Alter3go

I'm in the process of fitting a clone E3D V6 hotend.
When I ordered the thing and not reading thoroughly, I assumed it was a direct extruder unit, however, it was a bowden.
Not this this was such a bad thing, I was just not ready to go bowden yet.
After a little bit of googling I found a couple of printable bowden kits.

So looking at how these bowden unit work, it looks basically the same as what the extruder unit that came with the printer, not so?
Pic 1 - Original extruder unit
This teflon coupling (pic 2) fits in perfectly where the the throat would screw in. (pic 3)

So my question is:
Can I use this as my bowden extruder?

VORON Flex Bowden Extruder
Compact Bowden Extruder, 1.75mm Filament for MK7 Drive Gear
by Tech2C
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3d editing software?

by Pbricks132

Hi everyone, I currently use Blender for all my 3d building and editing, but it is kind of a pain to use. Does anyone have any recommendations of 3d editing/building software that they use and/or know to be simpler and easier to use? any thing helps! Thank you!

3Dmodeling blender Blender3D editing software
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