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Stopped extruding after firmware update to Marlin 1.1.8

by otto22

Hi All, ?
I'm in desperate need of some help please.
I have updated the firmware on my Anet A8 that has been print pretty good so far. I was intending on utilising the auto bed leveling, but now just want it to print properly once more. Z stop is standard setup, bed is level with A4 paper gap(folded in 2 as I have a LokBuild surface) 0.2mm? gap. The extruder is not blocked, I can get it up to temperature 200C and manually push the filament out with no problem, a good width and not squirly.

So previously on stock when starting to print, the printer would mover near to the the centre of the bed where the print is to start. Now with Marlin it moves right along the X axis to the centre and then moves to near Y centre before it prints.

I'm not too bothered how it gets there but the fact is hardly any filament comes out. If I hold the filament near the top of the extruder I can feel the gears being very notchy, normally it's smooth and I can feel the filament being drawn down, but not now. If I apply a bit of downward force of the filament it will extrude.....just. If I leave it all alone it goes through the motions in the air.

This is stock Marlin wih configuration.h and .adv, nothing has been changed. Installed trough Arduino with no errors. I'm using Cura 14.7 and also 3.3.1 which i've not had any problems with at all.

What have I missed?
Am I meant to make changes to the configuration files ?

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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Layer Cooling Fan Burn out

by kg4ueq

My layer cooling fan burned out this evening while printing a calibration cube. When the fan switched on, the fan is set to switch on after the second layer, I noticed smoke coming from the fan housing. The wires to the fan were melting, exposing the wires inside. After unplugging the printer and opening up the wiring harness, I found that the fan wires were melted from the fan all the way to the plug at the board. There was no other damage to any other wires or to the control board itself.

My Anet A8 is mostly stock, but I have added MOSFETs for the hot end and heated bed. I do have my PSU turned up a bit, close to 13V but not over, so I do not think that had anything to do with the fan burning out. I have printed many times since turning up the voltage with no issues.

Has anyone had something like this happen before? I am afraid that I might have burned my board, but everything seems to be OK. The printer was working fine while the fan smoked.


After a little more investigation, I found that the wires on the back of the fan had broken free of their solder and grounded out. I cleaned up the solder pads, replaced the wiring and I am back in business.

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Prints have pimples.

by poorbullfrog

My prints look to have pimples. I have calibrated the extruder steps per mm. Set the PID values for temp and get a good first layer. I’m running temps at 190/60c using these temps after running a temp tower. I am using filament from amazon called sunlu could this be the cause. I just can’t seem to get a good finish on my prints.

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Anet A8 won't connect / Marlin Install

by jdstadelman

I have two problems/questions

1) I had not used the printer for a while and when I did want to use it a couple months after its last use it would not connect. When I plug my printer into the computer the computer recognizes it's there but Matter Control (the software I use) doesn't and wont connect. I heard that updating the drivers might help so I went to update my printer to Marlin. I don't know if this is the printer, computer, both, or just because I haven't used it in a while.

2) I went to install Marlin and watched a couple videos and followed them step by step, Checked that I had the most recent version of Arduino IDE, moved all the files into their correct folders, started up Arduino and... (drum roll please) Nothing! I have tried multiple times to update the printer in varying ways (start Arduino then printer, start printer the Arduino, restart computer/printer, switching the port I'm using) and nothing. The error i get in the Arduino IDE is an error about my connection in the COM port. So what might I be doing wrong?

I found great help to my last problem here, so if you have suggestion please tell me. Thanks!

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Am8 help

by brugghh

Was thinking into upgrading my anet a8 into all metal. I see videos of people upgrading theirs for cheap in the us. Is there a cheap way to upgrade in canada?

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