Noisy printer...

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I am very happy with my A8 so far. The only complain is the noise, I really can't do anything to lower it a bit. I replaced the bearings with drylin ones, but the noise actually comes from the steppers.
Since I have a board without any potentiometer (yes, most of the Anet v1.0 board shipped out do not have any potentiometer) do you guys have any advice?


I only had my ANET A8 up and running for two days. I also have the problem with the whistling noise coming from the blower but the problem is not the blower itself it's the cooler duct. The top part of the duct which inserts into the blower is too long and it can actually touch the blades of the blower while they are spinning. when the print I'd doing at the moment is finished I intend to file the top down a couple of millimetres I'm sure that this will prevent the noise.

For the squirrel cage fan on the front, I printed this thing: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1954001, and it all but eliminated the blower fan noise. I also reduced the print speed (this printer does not like fast printing) and it dramatically reduced the stepper noise

Semi-Circular Anet A8 Fan Duct
by lokster

A bit of matting underneath (I use a yoga mat) cuts noise some and reduces vibrations, too.

Make yourself a plywood case.
It keeps away draught and dust from your workpiece, plastic fumes and microplastic particles from your family and you, lowers the noise significantly and looks better than a printer.
I've just uploaded the OpenSCAD file I made to plan my enclosure.
Look here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2234632

Enclosure for 3D Printers - OpenSCAD animated & customizable

I have added stepper motor gaskets to reduce vibration which does help reduce noise:


The biggest noise reduction for me was building an enclosure for it.

I think there is a setting to tune the stepper motors.
You can tweak the frequency that they work / run at but I'm not sure where the setting is?

This vid will give you an idea

The blower can easily be replaced with a low noise piece.. the noise from the steppers comes from the high frequency PWM signal on the magnetic wire loops inside. Probably a change in frequency...might be inside the firmware...helps ...or other stepper motors which are sold as low noise types..
I have that noise..but i live with it....

Upgrade your board to something with pololu stepper driver mounts and use different drivers? (like the TMC2100's)

Right now my is not THAT noisy, but my main source of noise was the original blower that somehow acted as a whistle producing an irritating whine with the fan on.