My 3D prints have been turning out squished

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I have been playing with my new anet a8 but all my prints have been turning out squished looking. https://i.stack.imgur.com/9bEPO.jpg

I also suspect somehow wrong settings ..

Can you print only a SKIRT and a BRIM and a bit of the first layer..then show that to us again...so we see if the Layer 1 is OK..

Thank you so much for all of the support and I am excited to hear from you tomorrow, thomas

OK.. There already is a Problem.. Your first layer does not lay flat on the bed. It MUST adhere everywhere. ...what stuff ist that on the bed ??-- Take it away, smear some GLUE STICK onto the Aluminium, heat about 70 degrees..
then do the same.. repat with lowering Z until you see your first layer flat on Bed....

PLA sticks well on the Aluminium ith simple Glue Stick.. no need for any tape or other stuff.. later a Glass bed makes things easier....when you can turn over to ABS etc.. but dont think about , until your PLA prints perfectly...

by the way. the line around is the SKIRT.. a BRIM is some lines around the object..close to it.. you set that as an optin in your slicer software ..i guess Cura

looking closer , i see missing lines.. are you sure your filament comes into the head easily..

Show us oyur Settings.. temp. speed, flowrate ... whateverr you can post..

Layer height = 0.2
shell thickness = 1.0
enable retraction = true
bottom/top thickness = 0.6
fill density = 20
print speed = 25
print temp = 210
bed temp = 60
no supports
filiment = 1.75mm
flow = %100
nozzle size = 0.4
speed 40
distance = 4.5
initail layer thickness = 0.3
inital layer line with = %100
cut off = 0.0
dual extrusion overlap = 0.15
traval speed = 150
bottom layer speed = 20
infill speed = 0
outershell speed = 0
inner shell speed = 0.0
minimal layer time = 5
enable coooling fan = true

at first sight: 210 degrees seems pretty high.. try 200 .. print speed seems very low.. normally i print with 90 on the inner perimeters , 70% outer, 30% ON FIRST LAYER and 110% on infill.. which in your case are all the same ..0
i am not sure on "speed" .. what that means.. if it´s movement.. then ist can be 150 or such

you can try to play with initial layer thickness.. and line width to get mor filament pressed out and reallly smeared on the bed...
Maybe als try 105% flow .. increase slightly and recheck every changed parameter

have fun...

Hi but wondering how to make things print different speed on first layer. Thanks

depends on your Slicer possibilitiies


i use Mattercontrol .. where it is possible...

Shell thickness should ALWAYS be a multiple of nozzle diameter, so for 0.4 nozzle, shells can be 0.4, 0.8, 1.2, 1.6 (and so on) thick.
Printspeed is pretty low, once you got your prints going better, turn it up to 50mm/s or more for normal prints

And by the way: Skip the circular fanduct and go for the semicircular or the spaceship one, 3d makernoob made a nice video about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vedP3jhMpy4

Also wondering with these settings changed, the edges still seem to be turning into small balls and the layers seem to be squished and flattened.

Thanks for all the support but wondering why brown stuff is leaking from the silvery block thing just above the brass head. Thanks as always, Thomas

Picture please, sounds like your hotend is leaking, therefore filament flow cant possibly be consistent.
This might be the real problem

this looks completely weird..

I suggest you find someone close to you, with knowledge about 3d printing, and let him see things work..

I have no clue about the brown stuff.. my hotend is more or less drakbrown to black from burned in filament , but nothing like you have

can you mail me your gcode file.. i try here.. harald@hghb.de

Uhoh, doublecheck, that you heater and your thermometer are fully inserted into the heater block
It looks like your heater is lose, this can cause real housefires.

Did you already tell, which filament brand you are using and do you have another roll, possiblly colour/brand, that you could test with?

Edit: You don´t use a filament oiler, do you?

How to I keep my heater in the print head, they always slip out and I can't see a screw to hold them in.i am using blue filament and a generic eBay brand. I do not use DULI,net oiler but have just ordered a new hot end or what ever it's called for 10 pounds. Thanks for the support everybody and I will send you the file Harry.

..okay.. there MUST be a screw .. i guess it is a little headless screw , radial to the cartridge axis. If that cartridge slips out.. that is very bad.. it may get overhot , as must be in contact via metal to the NTC sensor..

best , wait for the new hotend , and google around about hotend informations in general..

i will look for your file an test tomorrow.. its close to midnight here

... edit...

you could try to fix the cartridge with some tape or fibers from something heat resistant. I wrapped my hotend into a stripe of heat resisant fabric from a ironing board cover and fixed that with thin copper wire.. that keeps the hotend warm and provides perfect temperature ..
So..if you try similar.. you may get your cartridge to stay inside...

Do you think the cartridge is causing the brown stuff? Thanks

Sorry, but i´m out of ideas, but i´m sure there are some left.

Ok, had a chat with harrygeiger on email and ordered a new hot end with the block thing and throat. I have also sent him the gcode and I think he's saying it will print with supports. Thanks for all the support and you have all been a real help.

Geat, replaced thermistor, heat block and motherboard as old was broken and nothing has changed. Still the brown stuff and still the blobs.
I also think the head is not moving enough up each time so the head is carving into the plastic.

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Can you upload a picture?
Is only the first layer squished? Maybe better bed level.
Everything looks squishy and messy? Maybe overextrusion.
But it is hard to tell from your "description"^^

I am sorry for no image but I have supplied one in my stack exchange post. https://3dprinting.stackexchange.com/questions/3994/my-anet-a8-prints-have-been-looking-squished Thank you

Ok, so its all over, bed level seems fine.
I have read stories about cheap chinese pla that prints at 160°C (no kidding), first thing i would do, is lower the temps, maybe print a temperature calibration tower.
What are your speed and flow settings?

Now with these low temps, I'm getting terrible bed adherence

I would print a calibration tower, starting with the higher temperatures. 160° seems pretty extreme, also first layer should be a little hotter than optimal.
What adhesive did you apply to the bed?

I apply no adhesive just have tape and keep my hot bed at 60

..which i just suggested to him..

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Thank you, I was printing at 210!