Anet A8 print quality is bad

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Just got the printer working today and my first few prints were pretty bad. The layers seem like they move from time to time.

images of print:

Any tips/help?

when I first started using mine, I found loose belts to be a problem, then I found oozing between the tube and block.
Turn the heater on and then tighten up so no more leaks.
filament diameter must be correctly chosen too.

Are your belts tight? They should be taught enough to give a not too low pitched "twang". Sorry that it's not a very scientific answer :)

In fact, when this next print is done, I'm going to measure the tone of my belts and post the frequency :P

The x belt isn't very tight and i don't know how to tighten them all the way. The top part of the x belt isn't very tight but the bottom part is decently tight.

As the belt loops around it should be tight top and bottom, assuming the A3 is similar to the A8 then the bed belts are held with a clamp that you can release and pull on the belt and tighten again. The x belt is a couple of cable ties on the A8 you would need to cut these off and tighten and fit new ones.

Tight belts are a necessity for good print quality.

Once you get the quality improved print some form of belt tensioning system and maybe buy some fiber reinforced belts as it's likely that the ones you have are stretched if the printer is an old one.

Thanks Floyd.

I got my first printer at yesterday - a used Anet a3.

I print some object. The fist print result is bad, even can not print out the full shape. But I think I know where is the problem. After more and more tuning, the result is more and more better.
When I need more skill to increase my print quality, I find your reply. These three pieces of information are very useful to me.

Thank you.

No Problem, that's what the Community is for right ;)

For me it looks like it could be underextrusion. If my print goes well at 100% extrusion, just 98% can give very bad results, i think similar to your problem. 0.4 nozzle size and 0.4 perimeter thickness or higher? 0.2 layer height?

i increased the flow rate and that didn't help much

shooting in the dark here. i would say overextrusion. or too hot of head. i like this guide. its for simplify 3d but helps you get some ideas.