Perfect Retraction Settings

perfect retraction settings

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So i cant really figure out the perfect retraction settings are for this printer and i cant help the stringing and i need a little help in this regard. So if any of you know the perfect retraction settings or the settings that work for you please reply and tell me cause its a little frustration i cant figure them out. Thanks a bunch.

Simply put, the more you retract, and the faster, the better. There's a down side though, retract too fast and you might chew up the filament, too much and you will retract the filament past the point of no return. And you want to keep retraction to a minimum because while you're retracting you're not printing!

I find 8mm at 40mm/s works for me with most materials.

Im using 4mm and 45mm/s speed on 190-200 Celsius and I got no stringing at all (for direct extruder) and after upgrading to e3d im using 2mm and 45mm/s speed on 200-210 Celsius and clear prints without any stringing. Im printing on 60mm/s to 120mm/s.
If not helped try to calibrate extruder.

I've been using a profile in Cura I found a while ago (attached). It uses 7mm retract / 50mm/s speed for retraction. This seems pretty good. I've been wrestling with some weird filament all day and it looks like it needs to print hot (at 205C).

Where before at 190/195C it was stringing like crazy, as soon as I bumped the hotend up to 205C, it all but stopped the stringing.

So really, its not just the retraction settings but can be filament dependant as well.

Thank you for sharing the profile.

I had a profile based on the Draft 0.2 mm default cura profile and it was missing up the prints.
I merged both profiles, yours and mine and the result is unbreakable, see the attached picture.
To be honest, I still having some stringing, but withing the accepted limited for me.

I just used the new profile to print at 60% of the original size print.

I'm attaching the Modified profile, just in case, it might help someone else.
BTW, I'm using Cura v 4.7.1