Random freezes on SD print

freezing sd_card

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My Anet "randomly" freezes while printing from the SD card. It's "random" because, when it happens, it always happens on the same file on the same line of GCode, but it's always on different lines across the affected files (some files prints perfectly).

I did not try printing from other SD cards other than the one they sent. Printing from USB is flawless and reliable.

My main concern about it is the printer freeze while sending power to the extruder and/or bed and end up overheating until starting a fire.

Is it more likely to be a problem with the printer or with the SD card?

SD Card: The one they sent
FW: Marlin 1.1.9

the one they sent is likely a clone - use a new sd card.. name brand..
but better still get a Raspberri Pi setup and octoprint..

reset your motherboard once.

Nothing wrong with your printer. Its that piece of crap generic no brand half a cent SD card is the problem. If you want to stick with SD card then 16 gig is all you need.

Yup, stock SD card is junk.
I tun an 8GB card in a full-size adapter.

I'd also recommend getting a Micro SD to SD Card Extension Cable Adapter and start using full size SD cards. Full size SD cards are much easier to handle and you can locate the adapter in a more accessible location.

SD card never was my favourite way of printing. I just was concerned if my board was somehow damaged. Raspberry Pi with Octoprint and a touch TFT seems better for me since I can slice in Cura, send the GCode via WiFi, control the printer from other places of the house, make some timelapses and even install a plug-in to recover interrupted prints after power losses.