program board with arduino

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i have an A8 board(A:1284-Base- on the top right it says V1-5.)

i dont want to use it as a printer, just to control the motors with it via arduino IDE.

Is there a good source where i can find a pinout and explanation wich pins are connected to what ?

Look in the marlin pins, there is a description of which pin goes to the thermistor output, limit switch, etc.

i looked in it, seems like there is only board v 1.0
dont konw how different they are.

do i need a special bootloader for the arduino ide?

Assuming Marlin can be used with the newer board, they haven't changed the pin assignment (and generally there is no reason to change). You'll probably need something like a cheap USBAsp (clone) to flash either the bootloader or alternatively the new project itself, using the ISP header.

The pins were not changed, but the name may have been changed instead of HEATER_PIN to HEATER_0_PIN. Have found this repeatedly.

The files are transferred via the ISP interface, only control tasks such as marlin, washing machine control, robot control, etc. can be uploaded via the bootloader. So there are several ways.
Most of the time you can upload the files via the printer interface, if the bootloader is missing you can install it, e.g. optiboot.

Multimeter with continuity mode.