Help! AM8 with SKR 1.4turbo NOT using sensorless motors not stop

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Marlin reports all endstops working as they should based on M119, However all 3 will keep going as they grind when crashing into endstops.
So as this is a new install of the SKR 1.4turbo my guess is i have messed up my settings? I have been having alot of problems getting Marlin working as this is my first time with it. Is there a setting i should be looking at or is there another thing i should be looking at? If it is a Marlin issue can you please tell me in some detail what or where it is as i have said i have had some much trouble getting it working. I can tell you i can move X Y and Z up and down forward and backward, my hotbed and extruder work and read temps and both fans work and read temps. Thank you for reading and look forward to hear from anyone who can help.

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Look at the lines from here, you can set the limit switches there.
// Mechanical endstop with COM to ground and NC to Signal uses "false" here (most common setup).

As mine are N.O does that mean i need to have mine set to TRUE?

I have set the limit switches to true on my Anet E12 and that works so far. Just try it out, don't homing straight away, just hinge one axis and operate the limit switch by hand. This is how I test the limit switch function, which is only problematic with inductive switches, but it works with tweezers or other small metal parts.

Good thing not to use sensorless. What drivers do you have though?

I have a guide here that may help as well as the Morninglion Industries Discord with me and other helpful people there too.

What version of marlin are you running? Do not run the nightly bugfix, it's called bugfix because there's bugs to fix. Nightly builds are done every night no matter the state of the code as a way for the developers to test. One other thing of note is the weak pullups on the SKR and many other boards. I used all 3 wire endstops where the switch is sending 5v to the board when not triggered then it flips to GND when triggered, or vice versa. I run endstops like this with no issues at all.

SKR 1.3 or 1.4 & MKS SGEN L Board Setup Tutorial with TMC2208 UART

I am running 2.? not at home to be able to double check. running 2209 drivers and am using the stock Anet a8 endstops from back in mid 2017 when i got my A8. They are just plain N.O switchs 2wire. I have seen your guide before but at the time i was looking for to be honest a simple step by step with my exact setup, and i was just so over my head at the time i was going crazy. I remember how much easier it was way back when i upgraded my stock board to skynet then now trying to do a full on 32bit marlin i was just ready to give up. I think i am finally getting close to being done but i just wanted to be sure that i was getting the correct action that when the endstop was closed i thought i would not be able to have that axis keep moving? So i stopped to verify if that was correct. And thats where i am now.

Sounds like a Marlin configuration issue. It shouldnt move when on endstop, but will move away. if you got discord hit me up there I can take your setup and build marlin for you to try. Thingiverse is just slow. Also though, the endstops that let one leg float like that are pretty crap. They work better NC.