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I really enjoy the community and making simple designs that usually fulfill a need, but it's really annoying when some people just make a straight copy of your designs and don't even attempt a re-make and pass it off as their own...



XBox One X Horizontal Stand / Riser
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Call me stupid but i don't see the point in copying s.o. elses designs and post them on Thingiverse. What is the motivation behind such actions? I mean your copycat is not selling the stuff you have created.-> No financial benefit. He knows exactly that if s.o. gives a like to 'his' work, you are ment. -> He cannot feel flattered because he didnt do a thing. I mean he has nothing to gain but the work of reposting your stuff. Why?

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The bad thing about it is he claims to be an engineer, he ought to be aware of the legal rules. Take a look at the site of the adjuster for something like that, you will sometimes be amazed at what these people say they are.

Yup. This is the problem with Thingiverse. You can report it but there seems to be no admins here either.

I have my logo in all my designs, makes it a little easier to spot this lazy ass cloning.

Another thing that doesn't help is every time you post something it loads the description of something else into it.