anet 1.7 board and klipper

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is anyone using klipper on their anet a8? i have been running it for about a week now and the prints and speed are great but i am having a major issue with the board over heating. mostly the hotend mosfet. after around 2 days of printing and getting failed prints around 30% just due to the hot end loosing power and klipper shutting the printer down. i checked the board after the failed prints and the mosfet for the hotend was too hot too touch, adding a fan would allow a print to finish but on day 3 the hotend would not get above 45c.

i pulled the board and did some testing to find out the mosfet failed. after replacing it with one from a parts board its up and running again, i also changed to the stock heating element thinking that maybe the new one was pulling too much power but no change. still fails to complete a print without a fan on the board so i know a failure of the fet is going to happen again.

this printer never had an issue with stock firmware. i also installed a v6 clone around the same time but it is using the same element as the stock hotend. I have ran the PID calibration also so thats all done.

any ideas on why the mosfet is being pushed so hard before i just flash back to the stock firmware?


I don't think the controller cards for the Anet A8 are terribly robust. I added an aftermarket FET driver to my printer after replacing a couple of controller cards that stopped heating up. They are very simple to install, usually go for around $10 and are well worth it to protect the mainboard. https://www.amazon.com/anet-a8-mosfet/s?k=anet+a8+mosfet

Yeah I ended up swapping everything over to a ramps board for that printer. It was just crazy that I ran that board on 3 of my printers for years with no problems but as soon as I switch to klipper it had overheating issues. I found out klipper just drives the differently causing all the heat but yeah an external mosfet would have also fixed it I just wanted to try out a ramps board. Runs great with a bltouch and the pressure advance and all the other fine tuning things you can do on the fly. I'm definitely sold on keeping klipper lll