Anet A8 infill issues

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Hi there fellow makers. I have an issue with some of my printer settings. When I print an item, the first few layers as well as the outer walls are really printing excellent. However the infil part is printing "thicker" than the walls going up. I am not sure if there is a setting that I can change to correct it. It is as though the filament flow is higher on the infill than the walls or something like that. When it prints the infill height is a bit higher that the walls and the hot end scrape when it moves accross. Have anyone had the same issue sometime and was successful in correcting it? Thank you in advance for your help.
PS! I have calibrated all steps including e-steps but it is still the same. Before I installed auto bed levelling (BL Touch) I did not have the issue, it is only after I installed it.