Anet A8 12864 LCD buy

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Hello, I have had my Anet A8 for some years and while I have made many modifications I have never worried about replacing the LCD with a 12864 as used in the A6. I notice now however the installed LCD is getting a bit fuzzy on the edges so would like to upgrade to a new LCD. My problem is the A6 12864 that was used by many to upgrade the A8 is very difficult to find and buy.
There are plenty of 12864 LCD available but they all seem to be for different boards than what I have installed. My board is an AT Mega 1284P-Anet 3d V1-5.
Can any one suggest a suitable LCD that might suit my board and if necessary any extraordinary installation process I will need to go through that are different than installing the A6 LCD on the A8.
Sure hope someone can help as I fear I am on borrowed time with my current LCD.

Mine has the same issue for several months now and is still fully working. I wouldn't worry because it is an LCD and the issue is likely only related to the glue of the polarisation foil glued on the back of the display. LCDs themselve dont go bad and the only known issues are dirty zebra-connectors or problems with the polarisation foil. Both can be fixed. If you are not able to do it, i would suggest to buy the exact same display. 1. It fits the holes in the frame. 2. Nobrainer to install and 100% compatible. 3. They are cheap! 3. The 5 button interface is (my opinion) better and faster to work with than the turn/click-Switch.

Thank you for your reply and advice. It is very difficult to argue with any of those points as they all make absolute sense. A follow up thought and with your comments in mind might be for me to just move the lcd i have, or the clone i might find and buy, to a housing i can mount at the base of my printer where it may be more convenient to access and manipulate than it is in the original location. May be the best and least expensive solution.
A bit of fun working out the housing and options too.

Been a while since I used the 1280 board on my a8, but not sure that those 12864 displays have changed in any way that would make them not work. However, not sure if the firmware on those lcd's is different than what you are talking about. AFAIK, they are usually referred to as "Reprap Discount Smart Graphic Display" in most firmware files, and they use SPI to communicate with the controller. Since they have a different interface, graphical vs 2x20 character, you will likely have to flash properly configured firmware on your controller to do it. Otherwise, it's just a single ribbon cable to connect if you don't use the display's built in SD card.

What install process were you referring to wrt installing an a6 lcd on an a8? I presume it includes flashing firmware on the 1280, and that you're up to speed on doing that? The 1280 is an increasingly rare bear, originally running the skynet catch your house on fire firmware. So if you're not familiar with this, then I'd recommend just replacing the lcd with another identical character based 2x20. The reason being, if you will go to the trouble of learning to config and flash Marlinfw, then it's a small step to use a more modern controller (even a ramps 2560 is a league above).

Thank you for your response and comments. By install i meant the physical connection of the lcd to the board. I have seen some tutes on connecting the 12864 which used the two cables that came with the A6 version but can see some other 12864 come with only one cable.
I was aware of some fire problms the 1280 board had so installed mosfets on the build plate and hot end. I have also recently upgrdaded from Marlin 1.9 to 2.0 so am familiar with the firmware flashing process. I use VSCode to compile and flash via an octopi addon.
However all that may be moot as i have considered upgrading to a new board and was intending to ask here hat was a good recommendation and see you have suggested a ramps 2560 as a perhaps simple option? Other than safety is there any other advantage in upgrading the board. I get satisfactory prints from my current configuration (so far) but maybe a new upgradd board might give me other benefits.
Loveto hear your recommendations for a board upgrade.
I assume Marlin firmware supports the graphical interface board as itappears to be in use on many printers with graphical lcd.
Again thank you for your reply and help