Anet A8 won't boot with BLTouch connected.

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I've had my Anet A8 going with a BLtouch clone for a couple of years through marlin firmware.
Changed to klipper the other day and noticed that klipper didn't play well with the clone sensor, so i bought a genuine bltouch 3.1.
When i changed to the new sensor the printer won't boot properly.
If i disconnect the servo leads i can get the printer to boot, and once that is done i can connect the leads and get the sensor working as it should.

I have a couple of working theories right now:
Either i should set the output mode of the sensor to 5v, however i don't know if that's correct for the sensor pin on the motherboard.
Else the sensor draws too much current at boot so the board can't handle it.

As of right now i believe i have the sensor pin wired into the lcd same as the clone probe did.
I've seen some guys have disconnected the wire going to the lcd, but i can't find out why and if it has any drawbacks with this method.

Anyone else had this problem?

Never had this problem.

Never used Klipper or a genuine BLtouch 3.1 either.

Only the SD card uses 3.3V; the board uses a 4050D level shifter to step the voltage down on that. The Atmega chip on the Anet board runs off 5V so it would be ok.

I'd guess it was the servo wiring but it works normally after boot so I don't know. If (when!) you figure it out, send word of your victory.

Yeah, did some more testing last night. Got it working somewhat.
I disconnected the wire going to the lcd from where i had spliced in my clone bltouch.
Funny thing is i don't notice anything different with the lcd, i guess that wire doesn't do much.
So now it boots about 50/50, but that's when testing with quick reboots in short order, and it feels like klipper doesn't really like that.
I'll do some more testing over a couple of days and see how it behaves.

Thanks for your reply btw.