need help


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so i got my first anet a8 3d printer and i know what i want to print its just i dont know how to get the file ready for it to print, it wont accept the file at all ive tried to unzip it and convert it but nothing works

It sounds like you need a primer on how to deal with your printer and files, I highly recommend 3DMN's series of videos on the topic. each video is short, and is designed for beginners

Hi Keithfunk!

What format is the file in? If it is in STL, you will need to convert it to G-Code. I use Cura (https://ultimaker.com/en/products/ultimaker-cura-software). In Cura, you pick size, resolution, speed, etc. of print job. I hope that helps!

If you already have the file in G-Code format, try un-mounting SD card, remounting it, and then print.