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Made a great profile for the Anet E-10 in Simplify3D

by ChatToBrian

After all the modifications made to the ANET E-10 it was time to create a profile for my most used slicer, Simplify3D.
I show it all in the video I made about it, where you can see all the settings I used.

Find the profile here:

And the video here:

Hope it helps all other users of the ANET E-10 !!!

ANET E-10 Simplify3D Profile
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Need a copy of EEPROM Settings

by RedZacMX3

Can somebody provide this?
It is possible via command line with M503.

Needed for configuring Marlin Firmware.

Thanks a lot.

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Anet E-10 Collection

by ChatToBrian

When you are searching on Thingiverse for Anet E-10 parts, you will also find a lot of other parts for other Anet printers. Therefore I made a collection with the things I found that are really for the Anet E-10.

If you make something for this printer, please link it here, then I can add it to the collection as soon as possible.

Here you find the collection I made:

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Hi All

by ChatToBrian

My Name is Brian, and I just made this group.
Here on Thingiverse I am mostly known because of my Da Vinci Pro work, but I do way more, also with other printers, like this Anet E-10.

If you happen to like this printer to, please get yourself into this group where we can discuss all things good and bad about this printer and show modifications we make.

Here is a video I made about this printer after 3 days of playing around with it.

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