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Hardcore Updated E12

by Anetnewbie

My anet e12 is fully hardcore Updated. All axes linear rail.z-Axis is synchronized. Y and x Axis with ballscrew drive new steppers and drivers e3dv6. Bullfrog Filament driver. Awesome Printspeed insane Quality.Can Print tolerances of 0.01mm. Layer height 0.2 , Print Speed from 150-240 no Problem no layers seeable.works perfecly Since over 500 Hours of printing time . Rubin nozzle... costed me some Money. But still Cheaper much faster and and better than a Printer witch costs Around 2500€

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Peter Berry

by peteralf

anet e12 much slower than balco takes much longer to print. pete

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MGN 12 H + C upgrade

by Steelnecks

I have updated my Y axis with chinese MGN 12H copies, but yesterday i received 2 more blocks but they was 12C model instead of 12H.
The worst thing was that the 12C was horrible and i have demanded my money back, they move around about 0,5 mm in every direction but my 12H is solid. Should i make brackets for the bed that only use the 2 12H blocks ? have anyone tried to run with only two carriages ?

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Salvaguarda de Anet 12 previo a instalacion de Marlin desde mac

by zurcarev


Yo estoy muy puesto en temas de marlin, pero me gustaría hacer una salvaguarda de la placa de mi anet12 e intentar actualizar a marlin todo ello con mac.

¿que me recomendaís? ¿que programa debo de usar? ¿he leido algo de una particion de bootloader ( o algo parecido ), que es eso y en que me puede influir?

¿existe algún manual ( o guia burros ) para hacer esta modificación? ¿alguna web mas especifica? ¿que programas usar?.

Sin más muchas gracias por vuestras respuestas.

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Proximity Sensor Install

by Nitroform

Hi All

I have been struggling with trying to install a Proximity sensor on my Anet E12, wondering if someone is able to share some wisdom on this topic or know a tutorial that works ??

Proximity Sensor

anet anet_e12 Anet_E12_Upgrade autobedleveling auto_bed_leveling Proximity Sensor
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