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Glass bed

by Steelnecks

Yesterday i did buy a mirror glassplate in 4-pack to my printer. IKEA had a 300mm x 300mm 4-pack cheap and its working perfect so now i will upgrade my X-carriage next, you who have a glass plate, what kind of fastening are you using for the bed ??

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y carriage plate (h plate)

by marbro

I dont have an anet e12, but i was wondering if anyone knew where the h plate could be found in the states. The only thing ive found is slovakian website/ ebay reseller.
Basically my project is doing an anet a8 to am8 and upgrading the bed size using the e12 bed. I cant seem to find a schematic for the h-plate or even a place that sells it (other than the slovakian place).
If i have to mock up a schematic and take it to a local place, i guess thats what i will have to do, but i was hoping someone might be able to help here.

anet_e12_parts h plate y-carriage
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Upgrade step motor problems.

by DonClanC

I've had my E-12 for about 18 months with no major issues to speak of till a couple weeks ago when It had finished a print And was cooling off I noticed that the bottom Temp on the Hot end was Stuck at 265c. Cant get it to calibrate back to 0. I dont think Ive ever had it that hot since Im usually printing with PLA.. Regardless of changing thermistors and attempted adjusting it through Marlin via arduino but no joy there. I can make the temp move if I blast it with a torch but the cool bottom is calibrated to 265c.

I copied down the settings from the board and ordered a v1.5 from amazon. A v1.7 board arrived instead but close enough I thought so put it in. everything works except the step motors barely move and make that clacking sound. I had noticed that some of the stepper wires had become brittle so replaced all of them with new and made sure they were pinned the same as the stock ones.

No difference. Ive been trying to calibrate them for weeks and seems no matter how I nudge the numbers the best I'm getting is barely moving and a lot of noise. so unusable. I bought a Creality CR-10S board off amazon just because it had duel z steppers, duel hot end steppers, duel fans sockets for both hotends, filament runout sensor and BL touch sockets with a.built in bootloader and it was $39 us. A bit of adjusting things in Marlin 1.1.9 and installed it. Apparently everything works again except the steppers are still barely moving and clacking. The belts are tight, but not too tight and still no Joy.

Rechecked the new wire pinnings against the original wires and discovered I had flipped one of the pairs. PROBLEM SOLVED. Running great again.

Anet Anet E-12 Anet Upgrades
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ANET E12 Firmware Updates

by mostlydecaf

Issues relating to updating the firmware

anet e12 firmware
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Updated Heatbed Insulation

by Steelnecks

I was forced to update my Bitumen insulation on the heatbed, the heat made the bitumen compound to loosen and i had trouble to come over 96 degree celsius, so i saw a youtubeclip from a guy insulate his A8 with 3 mm cotton. I digged a little in all the corners of the house and found a roll of cotton that we did buy just to insulate our single glass windows, (the house is build 1850). It was perfect fit and i smeared a whole tube of shogoo on the bed and pressed the cotton on top of that, finished off with aluminium duct tape and suddenly my heated bed gets up to 100 degree celsius in just 10 minutes,

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