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Anet Mainboard V 1.7

by Steelnecks

I have upgraded my E12 with a V 1.7 mainboard that was pre installed for A8 Plus 300x300x350mm. i figured out that it has a lot of functions preinstalled but the worst thing was the direction the X-axis went when homing. It homed to the right......
So now i have upgraded with the latest Marlin firmware with help of VS Autobuild.
The mainboard dont need arduino to be programmed, just put in the USB cable and the board is alive.
The casings that i can find here at thingiverse has to be altered because the reset button dont sit in the middle as you can se on the picture.
At first i wanted to keep the original firmware because it was not so different from the latest Marlin, but when Anet keeps on making the
firmware in .hex so i cant reconfigure things i dezided to upgrade that to Marlin 2.0

Anet_V1,7 Mainboard A8+
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TH3D Upgrade

by Steelnecks

I hav upgraded my firmware to "TH3D_UFW_U1.R2.B5" and also mounted a probe "ljc18a3-h-z/bx" and are now trying to calibrate everything with no luck.
Looked at Crosslink on youtube on the episode of centering the bed but it did get worse than before.
I also having troubles with the probe, i calibrate as well as i can but when i try to print something the printernozzle slams in the bed and i panic....
Im having trouble to follow the youtube instructions and wish that some one had a written document for me to read and understand better, and if there is any Gcodes that i can use to easyer center everything and hopefully do a print without breaking the printer.

I wish someone could write me a configuration.h for my probe (offset X= -38 Y= -16 Z= +2)

Anet_E12 autobedleveling Centering_the_bed ljc18a3-h-z/bx th3d TH3D_UFW_U1.R2.B5
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Long time no see :-)

by Steelnecks

Hello everyone.... i have had a period of freetime from the 3D printing, over a year actually. But now im back but have forgotten things....
I did upgrade the firmware on my E12 to TH3D, and its almost perfect now. I printed a XYZ calibration cube and did get some faults.
X= 20 (is OK), Z=19,5 (can i live with) Y= 16,1 (is totally fucked up) and i have tryed to remember how to fix it but im lost.....
Can someone help me to fix it in the firmware or in G code. I have searchd in configuration.h but cant find wher to change it.,

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Moving from a Anet3D v1.5 board to a MKS Gen 1.4

by twhite0101

I have created an Instructable guide for anyone else that would like to or will be doing this same upgrade.

Anet_e10_upgrade Anet_E12_Upgrade
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New Printer, Many Problems

by ThiccTurtles1220

I am relatively new to 3D printing. I got an Anet E12 last year and got really frustrated with its inability to do anything consistently, so left it to collect dust for months (hate me all you want, I was in a blind rage against it). I have decided to give it another go but have only run into the same problems. I thought about printing some parts that would help to fix the issues like belt tensioning, bed leveling, and the always-crooked Z-axis, but I cannot manage to get everything stable enough to print anything usable. To compound the problem, I left my only filaments out the whole time that I had given up on it and it has soaked up quite a bit of moisture. If there is any way I might could buy some quality printed parts from someone with a working printer or if someone could give me some tips to remedy my problems that I am having I would greatly appreciate it.

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