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Actualizar Anet A8 a doble extrusor (Imprimir a dos colores)

by Celtico12
Caja placa Zonestar ZRIB para Anet A8 / AM8 (Extrusor Dual multicolor)
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Wood Frame??

by Tedebear0788

I've just got a second Anet A8. It has a wooden (plywood) frame instead of an acrylic frame. It looks a bit cheap & nasty and I anticipate all sorts of flexing problems. Any thoughts? Anybody used one?

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Printing probs

by Tedebear0788

3D Labprint Pirhana
Any ideas on how to correct these print problems?
I'm using an Anet A8 with glass bed and various stiffening mods.
Temp: 210
Bed: 60.

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Anet A8 extruder value keeps changing.

by TinManOZ

I am having trouble with the extruder position setting,as it keeps changing every print. This just started happening,and is as follows. I went to print a file,and before the print started,the extruder ran backwards for a couple of seconds,and pulled all the filament out of the extruder. I then go into extruder settings,and to extruder position,and see that the value is not 0 but a high number like61.64mm. This is how much filament the extruder pulls back out of the extruder before it starts a print-so all the filament has been withdrawn from the extruder before a print starts. I then reset it to 0 and the first print starts fine. But when i check the extruder position value before the next print,it is back up to another high value,maybe like 53.65mm this time--the value changes every print. This problem has only just started,and i have to reset the extruder position value before every print back to 0. I am new to this printing game--only got my first printer a week ago. So any help solving this issue would be great.

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A Brief Survey on Hot Bed Leveling

by MakeItMakeItMakeIt

Hi All,

I'm gathering some information to see if what I wish to do will be beneficial. (I got somethin' up my sleeve... :-) )

The only way I'll know is to "see" what's up with other folk.

So, I have a few easy questions I'd like to ask of anyone willing to provide answers.

And they are.....

  1. Are your Z motors synchronized? (as with pulleys and a belt, or one Z-motor with pulleys and a belt)

  2. How many mounting / leveling screws are on your Hot Bed?

  3. How often do you level / re-level your Hot Bed?

  4. How often do you HAVE to level / re-level your Hot Bed?

Folks, the more replies I get the bigger the overall picture becomes.

I'm trying to get an inner view of what the general printing public "norm" is, if indeed there even IS one.

Might be something we can all benefit from.

MUCH appreciation to any/all who choose to answer.


If you will, please limit your answers to the 4 questions.
There's plenty of room in other threads for personal commentary.
Thank You!

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