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What's the Best Build Surface for Anet E10 and E12?

by Maxx3D

I used the 'BuildTak' surface that came with the E10 for quite a while before it was damaged and needed to be replaced.
I started using Blue Painters Tape after that. I applied the tape directly onto the aluminum heatbed.
That worked fine for a while, but having to take off the old grungy tape and put new tape back on was a pain in the ass!
I watch a lot of 3d printing youtube channels and saw someone using a mirror tile to print on.
I went to Lowes and got a package of 12"x12" mirror tiles and school glue sticks.
I been using this ever since. I have the same on the E12.

What do you use?
I would like to try a flexible removable solution, but I dont want it to be soft plastic material. Maybe spring steel or something like that?

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Filament Color to match the printer

by JohnStrand

I know this is purely cosmetic, but what filaments are people using to print their parts so that the parts match the printer? I have tried finding an Anet E10 Green everywhere, but to no avail. I have the printer printing reliably with an EZABL Pro Mini sensor, so I get a great first layer, All the belts are properly tuned, I'm printing on a glass bed with no adhesion issues, it's really set up great, and i've only had it for a month or so. I am currently working on converting it to an All-In-One, to get rid of the side control box and want to print out the pieces in a nice color that will complement the printer, and not black. :-) I have tried the Inland Peak Green, but it is still not right. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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My E10 finally died... Time to hunt down the problem...

by Maxx3D

So, a couple of years ago, the Anet E10 was all the hype, it was on sale for about 300$ I think?
So I got one, first 3d printer ever. Nice kit, everything worked well out of the box.
Yesterday the power on the LCD screen flickered a bit, got dim, then went out.
I checked the power strip, all good there.
I checked the fuse in the Anet control box, visually it looks intact.
Looked for any melted or burned components on the mainboard, looks like new.
I think it might be the power supply...

Update: 9/2/19

New 12V 30A PS installed and printing great! Really impressed with what you can get out of a Anet E10 or 12!
I still want to add some 90 Degree inside corner braces or supports to help stiffen the frame.
I have a PETG X-Carriage, Dual Fang fan duct with 2 40x10 12v fans, I could still get better cooling by modifying the existing model.
The X-Carriage weight has been significantly reduced! So, if I can lighten up the Y-Carriage or Bed I could print a lot faster.
Right now I use a piece of 12" x 12" mirror plate glass, very cheap and easy enough to cut a piece the right size for your bed.
The con about using glass plate to print onto is that it is very heavy. We really want something that is like glass, but lighter weight,
Any thoughts or suggestions please do reply! Thanks! :)

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How would i go about replacing this?

by PhantomTheatre

the fan has stopped working on the right side is this an easy fix?

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Marbling in my prints x axis

by majorkuso

So I recently got an e10 and printed a deck box for mtg but strangely enough I have a marbling effect in the x axis. Any ideas on the cause? I was thinking the carriage is jumping as it travels

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