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what anime character im working on making next.

by Animu

just a log of what im working on making for those curious
im still debating if i want to take model requests, because it is a ton of work to make each one

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Interested in helping test print my models prior to release?

by Animu

I usually have to test print each one of my models 3-4 times to make sure all the supports work, and features are printable. this usually takes 5 or so iterations of the model to get them to print nicely.

However, I only have one 3D printer, so i can only find printing issues with my printer and setup. this means that weaknesses in the design that people may experience go unnoticed by me if they print fine on my printer

Therefore, I am searching for people who would be willing to test print the final iteration of my models before i post them to make sure that they print well on a variety of different printers, something that i cannot test for myself. and find issues that i can fix, such as strengthening a support, etc.

Also, once i get the final model version that prints well and post it, it would be pretty cool if you could then post your print as a "make" on the thingiverse page. Since there are so many people just dumping completely unprintable stuff on thingiverse, it would be nice to have some makes showing that my models can actually be printed.

I dont exactly know how i plan on doing this yet, but if you would be interested, send me a message, or email me at animuanimucad@gmail.com


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