what anime character im working on making next.

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just a log of what im working on making for those curious
im still debating if i want to take model requests, because it is a ton of work to make each one

Updated version of Papi the harpy posted. This version improves reliability and ease of removing included supports. The old version had some issues, especially around wing tips that made it difficult to not take a piece of the wing with the supports.

New file is called "Updated3DPrintReadyPapi"
AddYourOwnSupports model remains unchanged

Putting the final touches on Pyrrah model, (up to like MK8-ish). Had some issues with my printer aswell

By popular request I will likely do another Miku model next.
Also got a few requests for more Monster Musume characters
Still planning on doing more RWBY

Working on Pyrrah from RWBY
Salem after that

Been away for a while
Just posted Papi the Harpy here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3359055

3D PRINT READY!! Papi The Harpy
by Animu

Still working on papi. My job is pretty draining and i have a ton of projects going on at home as well.

just finished the second week of my new job. i do CAD work for assembly automation for a medical manufacturer. the problem is that after doing CAD all day, the last thing i want to do when i get home is do more CAD and modeling, so progress has been going kind of slow.
still working on papi
starting pyrrah soon
then might do blake with guns

2015 Racing Miku is posted
working on papi and pyrrah next

wrapping up racing miku
papi going to be a while
might start pyrrah soon

Just posted Zwei
working on thingss

wrapping up zwei from rwby
racing miku v3 had some print issues, fixing them
started papi the harpy, remind me never to do wings again, they suck
pyrrha after that
then more jnpr
maybe blake from rwby with guns?

Just posted EsDeath

finished EsDeath V4, took pics today, will upload mon or tuesday
working on 2015 racing Miku atm, chose to do it with the umbrella lance prop but not the shield
started zwei dog from rwby, im bad with animals, and havent made any before so we shall seeeeee
might do like pyrrha or some other JNPR member after

printing V2 of EsDeath atm

Printing first test print of EsDeath atm. hopefully will get this model wrapped up soon

This is to your comment about making more RWBY (someone may have commented this as well) can you think about making ‘Zwei’ Thanks :)

ill look into it, i was not planing on making zwei, but maybe. im not good with making animals, so we will see what kind of abomination it becomes lol. i have to finish EsDeath and a Miku model before i get to it though

Ok cool, and that’s fine if you can’t. I just thought he would be pretty cool to be able to print :) and can’t wait to see how the other models turn out
( ◠‿◠ )

just posted zwei

I think he looks really cool. I can’t wait to print him once I get my printer ( ◠‿◠ )

Been working on a bracket to hold a dial indicator to level my bed with. test fit didnt go so well, needs more work.
Still working on EsDeath.
might do a less dumbly posed model of miku next, considering it is a pretty popular print.
then more RWBY

Nora is live now to download
working on EsDeath next

broke a fan on my printer and still getting new micro swiss nozzle dialed in to do a final print for photos
will probably post Nora on tuesday (1 week later than my original goal)

Printing V2 of Nora tonight, hoping to get it posted on tuesday
Working on EsDeath next, then more RWBY

Mikasa from AOT is posted
working on Nora next

resolved all of Mikasa's errors (i think) all i have left to do is take pictures and make the post when i get time
started on Nora

third test print of mikasa still has some issues, going to be a few days yet before i post her
next model is Nora from RWBY
followed by Esdeath
then more JNPR
then finish MAYU
then another stab at rory from GATE

wrapping up Mikasa from Attack on Titan, doing the test print right now. this is a very detailed model, i included the swords and gear and details, so we will see if it is even going to print well.
i took a break from MAYU but will come back to it eventually
i might do some more RWBY characters next though, as the new season has given me a view boost on those models
my school work has been killing my free time to work on this stuff this semester, have a lot more upper division engineering classes that require a lot more time than my previous classes.

sorry for the month long hiatus, my classes are kicking my butt right now, only able to work on things when i get a break of free time. midterms coming op next week, so after that i should be able to get back in the groove.
still working on MAYU, her hair is evil

Still working on making Mayu and plan to do mikasa from AOT next. I just started university classes again, so my time is pretty scarce right now atm.

Still need to take pictures of Velvet and wrap up that model. I bailed on making Rory for now because her ax would be a pain to print, its way too thin, instead im working on making MAYU Vocaloid next

I finished Velvet from RWBY, but need to reprint it tomorrow, had some issues i had to resolve. should be uploaded in the next day or so. will be working on Rory from GATE next.

Yang from RWBY is being uploaded now. Next i will be working on either Rory from GATE or Velvet from RWBY, havent decided yet

i finished making Yang from RWBY. im still waiting on on my grease arriving yet to print it though. i tink i will do a Velvet from RWBY model next, or finish my Ruby Chibi ish model, havent decided

i finished Blake from RWBY and printed it twice, but my printer keeps having both over and under extruding issues, or so it seems. i think it may be due to my threaded rod needing grease, so while im waiting for that to ship here, i started working on making Yang from RWBY as well

im currently working on making Blake from RWBY, im struggling with all her hair, all the other models ive done had nice neat hair that was easy to model :P
im going to do her first without weapons because i found a cute picture i want to recreate, and might do another version with weapons at a later date.
i also got some new white PLA that im honing in that should turn out better in the photos.