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X,Y carriage 4MAX

by Jalvarez1975

Hi guys,

Anyone know how to get X and Y carriage s from 4MAX STL? I will manage to move forward this machine to another level.


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need a S3d profile

by Jangomatt

well, I pulled the trigger, but I'm having trouble dialing in a ballpark profile on this machine. just looking for a base PLA profile on stock setup that works for you guys. care to share your settings? thanks!

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by reduke

Hello everyone I own Anycubic 4max, is a few days in the printing phase I find the printer that goes but with the temperature of the extruder and the printing plane with the temperature at 0 zero.e with consequent printing failed.Use Simplify3d and as settings I use those of the I3 MEGA.I only changed the Z axis to 300mm.Non know what it can be ........ Thank you all Michael

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Only 27 members?

by Bluishblue

I'm ready for buy the 4Max but I don't have so many information I just watch few youtube videos. Do someone found more infos?

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Feedback on this machine?

by Jangomatt

This machine looks like a solid unit but there is a fairly significant void as far as reviews, thoughts, issues, etc on it. For those of you that own one, care to share your thoughts?

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