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Pause at height issues

by Ultimate3dltd

Hi all,
Had the Chiron for a week or so and generally happy.
One thing that is proving difficult is pause at heigh to change filament mid print.

I have tried all the options on Cura (latest version) but none are working . Any advice would be great.
I’m sure as I refine things there will be more questions but this is the first one I need to sort

Again thanks for any advice .


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Print time vs calculated time

by chipen83

Hi everyone, nice to see there's a Chiron forum here.
I have had my Chiron now for a month and owned a i3 Mega before the replacement with the Chiron.

On the i3 Mega the print time where almost on spot compered with the estimated print time from the slicer, (I'm using cura latest build)
But on the Chiron it differs a LOT if a print takes 1 hours calculated it takes almost two in fact.
A print who should take 30 goes on 40(quite fair) but longer the print time is the bigger the deviation.

Is there someone else here who have had this issue?

Anycubic_Chiron Print rate
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Printer foot distance

by Cranfres

I am trying to buy a table to set my printer on, but I have not bought the printer yet. Would someone be able to measure from the back of a rear foot to the front of a front foot? I'm just trying to get a footprint of the printer's legs since they seem to stick slightly inwards of the edge. I would just buy a 26 inch table, as that's what I found as the total machine size, but it seems like nobody makes tables that are 26 inches in more than one dimension unless you want to buy a dining table...

Anycubic_Chiron Dimensions
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Under-Extruding Anycubic Chiron

by Smithy2

I just got this printer and assembled it this weekend. (This is my second 3D printer)
Firmware version 1.3.0

I went through the time consuming leveling process, and got all 25 points set pretty well, but none of my prints were looking very good.
At first, I thought it was the cheap PLA samples they sent with the printer, but when I tried some known good PLA that prints well in the other printer, I realized that's not what's going on.

Anyway, after looking into things like clogged nozzle, etc.. I finally decided to check out the extruder.
I tested several times and found that it's only extruding 95 mm when I tell it to extrude 100 mm. (Also wish they put extruder control in the menu for this machine)

It looks like this can be set by sending a gcode to the machine with the corrected value, but I don't know the current value of esteps, and there isn't any menu I can see that allows you to look at these settings.
Anyone know how to look up this value on this machine?

So far, the machine seems to be built well. and I'm just starting to look into what sort of mods I should print, but I'd like to get it printing correctly before I start making mods for it.
Pictures attached:
1 inch test cube, flashlight on cube to show the under-extrusion.
Sad Benchy
Sad Benchy number 2

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'Must have' modifications

by NellyGTI

Is there any consensus yet on 'must have' modifications? Like many of you here (I think), I come from the i3 Mega camp where I've dialed it in nearly perfectly for what I need. With the positive feelings for the Mega, I decided to stay with Anycubic. I was able to pick up the Chiron at a very good price and now am back into the world of tweaking and modding.

So far the only physical modification is the front and rear threaded rod stabilizers and taking a bit of slack out of the y-axis belt.

Anything else you recommend?

Any experience layer shifting in the y-axis? I saw a large single shift on one of my prints (15-20mm). Thoughts?

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